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Notable Numbers

* Max Pacioretty scored not once, not twice., but three times against the Wild. Not a bad showing.

* It’s not quite a hat-trick, but David Perron’s two goals and two assists still make for a pretty great night.

* Just like we all predicted, “Marek Mazanec” shut out the Detroit Red Wings. He stopped 27 shots. And while it was no shut-out, Tuukka Rask’s 43 saves on 44 shots was pretty impressive too.

* Brenden Morrow had two goals, and I didn’t write that in 2002, so wow.

* Big nights: Joffrey Lupul had three assists, Kessel had two goals, Kimmo Timonen had one and two, and Ryan Smyth had one and two.


What Happened

What a story

Josh Harding is, statistically speaking, damn near the best goalie in the NHL this year. The reason for this is that sometimes people shoot hockey pucks at his net, and he does this:

Though, it’s not like Max Pacioretty had a bad night.


Speaking of robbery…

Good thing Curtis McElhinney made this stop, or last night’s Oilers/Blue Jackets game could’ve got to somewhere near relevant:


And then, sadness

The Buffalo Sabres scored one goal last night. It just so happened to come 10 seconds into the game. Clearly, this is not how you drew things up if you’re the Blues.


Poor Seth Jones

Defending Pavel Datsyuk isn’t easy:


An Opinion

This will undeniably sound like fan-speak, but whatever: the New York Islanders are not that good. I mean…why would they be?

The Isles pushed the Penguins in playoffs last year and people took that to mean they’d arrived. I’m not exactly sure why. Missing Vanek and Grabner last night didn’t help, but this roster really isn’t that impressive. Their game last night (in which they “out-shot” the Leafs 37-24) was terrible. If they were in the West playoffs would already be an afterthought.


Other News

* From the NHL…gotta love the “old” guys.

41-year-old Jaromir Jagr and 43-year-old Teemu Selannewho have combined for 10-13–23 this season and 1,366-1,775–3,141 in 2,816 career regular-season games, meet for the first time this season when the Devils visit the Ducks. Jagr and Selanne rank 10th and 11th on the all-time goals list.

* John Tavares probably didn’t love this (clean) hit he took last night.

* With all due respect to Buffalo, they were pretty obviously being shady with their reason of “general body soreness” to send Grigorenko to the AHL.

* And finally, NHL Twitter accounts are pretty fun. Here’s a nice exchange between Vancouver, Edmonton, Columbus and Florida.

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  1. How about the Leafs Trevor Smith and his goal and 2 assists for 5 points in the last 3 games.

  2. Just my opinion, which frankly doesn’t mean much, but man, I use to love this blog, it was by far my favorite. I would check it many times a day for new stuff and it was great. But this season, there just isn’t much to it anymore. The old format was so much better. I miss the content and the podcast. Don’t get me wrong Bournes writing is my favorite to read, but it seems like its few and far between now, and never an “On the Regroup” on Mondays from weekend hockey. I hope it gets back to what it use to be soon….

    • I suppose i’ll jump on this and echo the sentiment. Where are the regular pod casts? Where are the additional contributors (where has Ellen disappeared to?).

      Not hating per se, I still enjoy the content that’s here, but things seem to have slowed a bit at the BHS.

      Any insight for us Bourne? Just curious.

      • Yeah, I appreciate the sentiment. There’s a reason for it, and it’ll be explained soon enough. But for the next little while, Backhand Shelf will stay on it’s 2-3 posts-per-day pace, unfortunately.

        • Thanks Bourne. Again, still enjoy the BHS so I think it’s just a tribute to how well you guys have been doing here that some of us are missing the great content you have put together over the past few years.

  3. Grigorenko’s “general body soreness” is probably legit if its related to the dry heaves induced by watching Sabres’ game film.

  4. Ugh I dropped Patchy from my fantasy team like 2 nights ago because I was struggling to score goals.

  5. Rask stops 43 of 44 shots, including a penalty shot, and not a single mention of it? Really?

    • To be fair, he did make a single mention.

      But y’know, who’s going to notice Rask when everyone on the ice is eclipsed by the awesomeness that is Henrik Lundqvist, The Greatest Goalie In The Word (And Probably The Universe) ™?

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