Sid and Ovi


Calgary (Recap)

New Jersey
Anaheim (Recap)

Minnesota 4
Ottawa 3 (Recap)

Pittsburgh 4
Washington 0 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Wild captain Mikko Koivu is on a bit of a roll – last night he had a goal and two assists in Minnesota’s victory over the Sens in Ottawa. They scored with under three minutes left to put them ahead. Jonas Brodin had a goal and an assist as well. Y’know who was not particularly notable? Craig Anderson.

* The Pens absolutely rolled the Capitals last night. Mr. Crosby had a goal and an assist (check that goal below, wow), and Paul Martin matched him. Marc-Andre Fleury got the goose egg by stopping a whopping 18 shots.

* Patrick Elias had two assists. He’s sure managed to be real good for a real long time.

* Columbus defenseman Nikita Nikitin – real name – had a goal and an assist in the win.


What Happened

Marty Brodeur inspired

Reto Berra went 1980′s all over Jack Johnson’s world last night with one of the more unbelievable two-pad jammers. We’re talking full karate kid stuff on this save. I love it with all my heart.


Solid night for highlights

I tweeted about this Clarke MacArthur pass like a gushing schoolgirl last night and don’t regret it one bit. Basically he has Turris open, but the lane is being well-defended by Ryan Suter. He’s probably too close to the Wild D-man to throw sauce, and he’s running out of time. So, he simple changes the angle by making the pass through his own legs. Nooo big deal.

Here’s how he explained the goal:

“That’s stuff you do after practice or messin’ around, and you do it in the summer leagues, and stuff like that. I wasn’t going up the ice saying, ‘I’m going to go through my legs here to [Kyle Turris].’ It was just quick instinct where I didn’t have any other option to be able to get it back, and it ended up working out where he drove the net and got the shot off.”


Dany Heatley scored in Ottawa

It was a total clustercuss of a goal, but it counts. It’s the first time Dany Heatley has scored in Ottawa in over 11 years, and you won’t believe this, but it’s true – the fans did not care for it.


OT winners

Ken Holland should be pleased –  two NHL games were tied at the end of regulation yesterday, and they didn’t even have to be settled in a shootout!

There was the Nikitin winner for Columbus…

And this bizarre winner by Lovejoy Zajac for the Devils. I’m sure Hiller was thrilled about this one.

And actually, the game should’ve already been over, but Marty Brodeur did this.


An Opinion

Off-hand one-timers are freaking impossible. They’re probably #1 on the list of “Things NHLers do that the general public doesn’t know is as hard as it is because most guys in the league can do it.” When you get down just a level into the AHL, or the ECHL and below, that’s not a skill everyone has. Only the best of the best can really do it well.

Noting that, check out Sidney Crosby’s goal last night:

It’s real easy to lose the puck off your toe, it’s hard to raise and it’s tough to do it accurately, so it takes a lot of practice to get good at. If you take one thing from On The Regroup today, let it be an increased respect for shots like this.


Other News

* The NHL might go to cameras in the posts? That’s intense. From Darren Dreger:

NHL Hockey Operations is expected to meet with a group in the near future that has designed a camera system that can be installed in the posts of the nets. This system may provide a more clear view of the goal line and by design may assist the league in determining – conclusively – whether or not the puck crosses the line … The NHL is very sensitive to this issue and would love to find the technology that can deliver 100 per cent accuracy. 

* The Ducks done got told. Credit where credit is due on the internetz, you guys.

* The “Helmet Pardy” is not happening.

* Patrick Marleau got into a pretty serious car accident. Nobody’s seriously hurt, so that’s a plus, but boy, he sure did plow into the side of this car:

Here’s what Marleau said about it:

I was just driving on a side street, and a guy pulled out right in front of me. I didn’t have much time to react. I just hammered on the breaks, and went right into the side of him.

They pulled (the other driver) from of the car and the ambulance came and took him. But, there was no blood, or anything like that. From what the paramedics saw there they said he should be OK, but I haven’t heard anything more on it.

* And finally, the ECHL’s Reading Royals – of whom I had the distinct pleasure of playing one terrible game for before being traded to frickin’ Idaho – are going to be rocking ugly Christmas sweaters at some point this winter. Good stuff.