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And we’re back! Today’s Hockey Talk came with a real Pro (see what I did there), as I was joined by NBC’s Jason Brough. We thought we’d go fun and real general today, so we chatted about:

* Hockey Parents

* How our own deficiencies as players influence how we see NHLers

* Who has the best life in the NHL (as in, one year, trade places with one player, who ya got)?jason brough

* Save percentage being influenced by systems

* Running a hockey website

* And much more

You can listen to it here:

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  1. Hey, another podcast !!


    More podcasts please.

  2. I would have gone Stamkos before the injury. I’d definitely want to be one of the guys who is going to the Olympics. Maybe Tavares. Rich in NY/LI is great and he could easily be the guy to win Canada the gold. Being Corey Perry would probably be nice. I’d definitely want to be somewhere that I’d be known but not hounded day and night and with good options to spend my millions.

  3. I would be Teemu Selanne. He is universally adored. He has southern california weather. He plays for Bruce Boudreau who stole his system from Pierre McGuire’s player-interview closing line (“Go out there and have some fun” for those who aren’t up on their Pierre-isms). He’s on a good team where there isn’t a lot of media pressure and he doesn’t have to be “the guy”.

    I’d be hard pressed to find an NHL’er who’s got it better.

  4. Henrik Lundqvist Hands Down! Super rich in NYC, Swedish girls, and handsome as fuck

  5. I’ll go with anyone but Dion Phaneuf, but if pressed Torey Krug, who seems to have a helluva good time, is lots of fun to watch, and I’d guess puts a higher percentage of shots on net and makes more intelligent shots wide than just about anyone playing D in the league. Great wheels, great dekes, shoots BBs, makes excellent breakout passes.

  6. If I get to keep my brain the Jonathan Toews. Great player, gets to play for Canada at the olympics, will probably win another Stanley Cup with Chicago etc. etc.

    The only problem is that I imagine he is as boring as hell. The man seems to have no personality what so ever.

  7. Patrick Kane! My favourite player, Chicago seems like a great place to live, and I’d love to be famous!

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