nashville preds


Nashville 4
Toronto 2 (Recap)

St. Louis 3
Boston 2 (SO) (Recap)

Buffalo 1
Philadelphia 4 (Recap)

Carolina 3
Detroit 4 (Recap)

Chicago 6
Winnipeg 3 (Recap)

NY Rangers 3
Dallas 2 (Recap)

Colorado 4
Phoenix 3 (OT) (Recap)

Florida 1
Edmonton 4 (Recap)

New Jersey 2
Los Angeles 1 (OT) (Recap)

Tampa Bay 1
San Jose 5 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Captain Serious Jonathan Toews had a goal and three assists in his hometown of Winnipeg to help the Blackhawks beat the Jets. That moves to Chicago to, let me see here…first place in the league. Okey doke then.

* Craig Smith of the Nashville Predators had two goals and an assist, while his teammate Matt Cullen played Tommy Topper and put up one and three for four. 

* Matt Read scored twice in the Flyers latest win, while Steven Downie and Sean Couturier both had two assists.

* Gustav Nyqvist is gonna get frustrated real fast here if he doesn’t stick with the big club soon. Basically, if he plays one more game he has to clear waivers before they can send him down (meaning they won’t), but until they can make room for him, he’s stuck in the AHL. Last night he scored twice, but it’s not gonna matter much. (Zetterberg added three assists, by the way.)

* Henrik Lundqvist stole a game for the Rangers last night, making 41 saves on 43 shots. That included a career high 23 in one period – the first.

* Ryan Nugent-Hopkins had three assists, while Taylor Hall added two and Jordan Eberle potted a couple. 

* Corey Schneider stopped 34 of 35. And finally

* Logan Couture and Patrick Marleau both had three point nights – three assists and one+two respectively.


What Happened

I wanna be like Nyq

Gustav Nyqvist was called up by the Detroit Red Wings, and was given the privilege of starting the game, and starting it with some pretty great players. It went well – he scored 17 seconds into the game.

He scored a second time, as I mentioned in notable numbers, which is going to make his situation awfully fun to watch. Detroit has to pull the trigger on a deal here at some point soon.


Jammy Jagr

Jaromir Jagr scored the OT winner to push the Devils past the Kings, which did a couple things: it tied him with Gordie Howe for the most game-winning goals in NHL history (121), and moved him into a tie for 9th on the all-time goals list – holy hell, I know – with Mario Lemieux. Unbelievable, this guy. He now has 18 points in 22 games this season, good enough to sit roughly 40th in league scoring.

I’m so, so confused by the decision to take off the glove to make the fist pump. I’m thinking he almost went full salute before opting out, no?

…The more I think about it, that’s definitely what happened.

Anyway, to Jagr’s credit, he’s not putting himself on par with the Magnificent Mario:

I tied [Lemieux], but he probably played 600 less games than me. This is just a number, but he didn’t play many games. If he would have played as many games as me, he would probably have 2,500 points and 900 goals.


Rick Nash is on the board

Last night was only Rich Nash’s fifth game of the season (thanks to a bad hit from Brad Stuart), so his goal was only his first of the season. The crazy thing about this goal, aside from the ease with which he makes such a difficult move, is that Henrik Lundqvist grabbed an assist on the play in the midst of making 23 saves that period.


We had another OT winner

And it was a purty one, too. Ryan O’Reilly pulled the trigger to put the Avs past the Coyotes 4-3.

Also on the Avs front: Andre Benoit took a puck to the face, and had to head to the dressing room for zippers. Came back, scored. You know, hockey stuff.



The Bruins and Blues played an absolute thriller of hockey game last night that had to go to a shootout to be settled. There was, however, one play that you wouldn’t hold up to highlight all the excellence these two teams wedged in. Tuukka Rask should probably stop this:

Oh, and one other thing – this guy does NOT like losing in shootouts. His quote after the game was something to the effect of “gas it entirely.” I love that he can’t keep his balance when he snaps (from r/hockey)


An Opinion

This isn’t exactly a bold opinion, but it sure seems like one that’s tough to argue: to have a hope, you have to have a rock solid d-corps. Hear me out, that’s not my who point.

The St. Louis Blues are damn near impossible to beat thanks to their top-six d-men. It makes life easier for their goaltenders, who look better as a result, and they can get the pucks up quicker (and spend less time in the wrong zone) which makes their forwards look better too.

The Coyotes: solid d-corps, team’s off to a good start. The Blackhawks: solid d-corps, the team wins. Even the New Jersey Devils with another solid group of defenseman are starting to climb the standings despite what I would consider a less-than-stellar group of forwards.

You can have all the great forwards you want, but if the play’s always moving in the wrong direction they’re not going to have a chance to thrive (I’m thinking of the Edmonton Oilers, despite their last few wins). You have to worry a little about the Colorado Avalanche going forward, who just won’t be able to hang with the best NHL teams come playoffs (if they get there) based on who’ve they’ve got on the back-end. They can always make changes, and if I’m their GM, that’s something I’m trying aggressively to do right now so we don’t waste this start.


Other News

* The Buffalo Sabres led a hockey game after 20 minutes for the first time this year. I mean, they still lost, but hey, it only took ‘em 20-plus games to win the first period!

* Tim Jackman got traded to the Anaheim Ducks for a sixth round pick, because it’s impossible to find guys to give you six-seven grinding minutes on the waiver wire, or something.

* The Buffalo Sabres are debuting their third jerseys on Sunday against the Red Wings so DON’T TURN ON THE TV FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. They’re the Medusa of jerseys – see them and you turn to stone.

Wow, I’m being mean to Buffalo. Sorry.

* Phil Kessel is almost certainly injured, but the Leafs are being all like “Nah, he good man, no sweat.” He’s played under 16 minutes in three straight games, far less than he usually gets.

* And finally, the Nuge had some minor issues with a stick caught in his mask last night (also from r/hockey):