I can write all I like about what I think of the NHL’s new TV deal with Rogers, but there’s no chance I know half as much as a media reporter. And, I was lucky to get a little time with one of the best, The Globe & Mail’s Steve Ladurantaye, who could fill us in on everything we needed to know. There’s a lotta info crammed into a little time.

We discussed:

* How does this change the viewing experience of your average hockey fan

* What does this mean for blackouts

* How about GameCenter Live and Center Ice?

* Do you expect Rogers to change their production/hire talent

* What’s this mean for CBC? What does it mean for their advertising, money situation?

* And much more

You can listen to it here:

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Also, here’s some info: TSN is hanging on to the original Hockey Night in Canada theme song. Move along, poachers.