Damn, who shot the couch in the crowd, there?

Damn, who shot the couch in the crowd, there?



Dallas 6
Anaheim 3 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* The NHL’s Three Stars on Wednesday were not your typical names. Instead, #1 was Ryan Garbutt (one goal, two assists), Antoine Roussel (two goals) and Cody Eakin (one goal, one assist). Meanwhile, Vern Fiddler, who I still hold a grudge against for trying to fight me in summer hockey, ahem, had two assists, as did Erik Cole.


What Happened

We’re going streaking

We’re not actually, that’s just a loosely-related subheading. Put your pants back on (nice undies, though).

The Dallas Stars scored three times in 53 seconds against the Ducks in the second period – bam bam bam, game over.

Nice goals, and it’s always fun when this happens at home. Get those fans whipped into a frenzy.

My biggest takeaway here is that people don’t say enough nice things about Jonas Hiller’s mask. It’s awesome.


An Opinion

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills or something – the other night I tweeted out this video, and it barely got a response:

Are Brandt and I mishearing the comment, or is that one of the more bizarre pieces of commentary (that appears to be said intentionally, and quite clearly while knowingly on air) ever? Where’s Awful Announcing on this?


Other News

* You may have noticed around the interwebz that my Dad, Bob Bourne, has added his name to the concussion-based class action lawsuit against the NHL put forth by former players.

I’m well aware of all the layers at play here, but I think I have the cut-and-dry way for this case to be a lock for the players. Indisputable proof of irreparable damage – I’ll just inform them “My Dad recently asked if I’d be interested in going on Amazing Race Canada with him.” As soon as I forward those emails along, the league will be in their checkbook with a ballpoint and an apology for sure. (We’d actually do fine assuming they’d just call a hiatus from 4:30 – 6:00 everyday so we could grab pints, I think.)

But seriously, I don’t know if I’m going to have him on the podcast or what to discuss this just because I’m not sure what the legal ramifications would be, and I’m sure he’d like to avoid stepping on his own toes before this gets going. I’m gonna chat with him and we’ll decide.

* There was tons of good content floating around yesterday on Rogers new deal with the NHL. But first, my stuff! I wrote this – the fan’s take – and I also interviewed Steve Ladurantaye for 10 minutes on some of the more minute details of the situation. You can listen to that here:

There’s also this post which says TSN is hanging on to the old HNiC theme song (as the joke is going – the ex-wife can take the house, but damned if she’s getting these wind chimes too), and this post which talks about “the end of CBC as we know it.

Actually, The National Post just hit homer after homer yesterday, man they have a good writing staff. Here’s “What the NHL deal with Rogers means to the CBC, Don Cherry and the Quebec Nordiques” by Sean Fitz-Gerald, and “NHL’s deal with Rogers turns Canada’s sports television landscape on its head” by Cam Cole.

First NCAA start for Mitch Gillam, first goal. Oh, by the way – Mitch Gillam is a goalie for Cornell. Daaaamn. And finally…

* The “Stadium Series” seems to be making an effort to avoid copying the Winter Classic too closely, in that it’s not going to be all throwbacks and nostalgia. The Islanders jersey for their game against the Rangers in Yankee Stadium has been released, and it’s suuuper sharp. I’m a big fan (from Newsday):

stadium series small

We’re still waiting to see the back, but compared to the Isles other attempts at designing jerseys beyond their originals (god, their current thirds), I love it. Clean but not dull, original but not unattached from reality…just, sharp. Hopefully they replace the current thirds.