Los Angeles 2
San Jose 3 (Recap)

Nashville 4
Columbus 0 (Recap)

Ottawa 6
Washington 4 (Recap)

Winnipeg 3
NY Islanders 2 (Recap)

Montreal 3
Buffalo 1 (Recap)

Carolina 4
New Jersey 3 (Recap)

Boston 1
Detroit 6 (Recap)

Toronto 5
Pittsburgh 6 (SO) (Recap)

NY Rangers 5
Florida 2 (Recap)

Philadelphia 2
Tampa Bay 4 (Recap)

Phoenix 3
Minnesota 1 (Recap)

St. Louis 4
Colorado 1 (Recap)

Chicago 3
Calgary 2 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

‘Twas a busy night in the NHL. Time to breakdown who cashed in:

* Much-maligned Montreal Canadien David Desharnais had a goal and an assist, while his teammate Andrei Markov grabbed a meager three assists.

* I tweeted a mean thing about John Tavares last night. Well rather, a mean thing about his situation. That being: It’s tough to define his career to date better than him grabbing a goal and an assist in a one goal loss to the Winnipeg Jets.

* Bobby Ryan scored two while Erik Karlsson had two assists (now five points up on second place Byfuglien/Subban in D scoring) in the Sens 6-4 win over the underrated Carolina Hurricanes. Solid rally after falling behind 3-1.

* My new favourite NHLer Gustav Nyqvist of the Red Wings had one and one for two, as did Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall. Johan Franzen grabbed three assists.

* While Tampa beat Philly and the underrated Victor Hedman had two goals and an assist, there was an important point: Vincent Lecavalier scored in his return. Good for him. (Mark Streit grabbed one and one in Philly’s loss as well.)

* I don’t normally do this, but…Leafs/Penguins:


The Leafs last shot happened a long, long time ago. (I can still remember.) That is an insane stat chart. They also lost the shootout (after being up 4-1), because some famous hockey guy did this:

* Crosby had two assists, which wasn’t that noteworthy on Wednesday. Malkin had two and one (goals for Malkin yay!), Letang had one and two, while the Leafs Van Riemsdyk had two and one.

* Colorado has a challenge ahead: people are going to take them reaaal serious, which wasn’t the case early on. In fairness, no one likes playing the 2013 St. Louis Blues. Captain David Backes grabbed one and one in the Blues 4-1 win.

* “The Blackhawks beat the Flames” doesn’t blow your mind, but it was in Calgary last night, and it was close. Three-to-two. Patty Kane scored twice. 

* Finally, some goaltending: Antti Niemi and Ben Scrivens both stopped 38 of 40 shots to drag the Sharks/Kings game to a shootout. Sharks won. I badly want these guys to play in playoffs.


What Happened

“God shed his grace on thee”

The woman who sang the Canadian anthem at the Islanders/Jets game made her submission to “terrible hockey anthem top 10s” despite having a kickass voice and getting through it (apparently) cleanly. Just…maybe find out the lyrics before you sing it in front of tens of thousands of people?



Losing is never fun, but losing to a very good team on a goal with 18 seconds left is double not fun. Here’s Kane, just chucking one on net.

They barely even celebrate. Just “well, that was inevitable.”


That shouldn’t be possible

I love a good wrap-around and think it’s an invaluable move, especially after dropping a shoulder on a fake shot on one side of the net. When a guy scores on a wrap without a fake, with no prior shot, I gotta wonder – how does the B’s tender not get over in time? That’s gotta be a save.



I love this. Here’s Steve Downie skating off the ice after a scrum. Apparently Crombeen had a pretty good grip on his sweater.


See ya

As a forward, you’d like to make a fake to open up a little net before shooting. If you’re Joe Pavelski, this oughtta do.


An Opinion

Watching the Blackhawks reaction after beating the Flames reminded me of my junior team that won the league, in that…when you’re legitimately better than other teams, it’s so, so easy to win. I know that sounds obvious, but I’ve been on a ton of teams that had to have their A game to win. I’ve been on teams (in college, mostly) that couldn’t win with less than their best. But being on that team that’s just…better? Stuff like Kane’s blind backhander goes in, and you just assume it always will.

The Blackhawks probably brought their C+ game last night, and managed to leave with a regulation win. It’s almost not fair. ……Almost.


Other News

* Patty Roy and Ken Hitchcock are at one another, which is fun. Remember Game One of Roy’s NHL coaching career, where he basically tried to push the glass on Hitch?

Roy, to the Denver Post:

“You know what, I was very mad at the end because I have been jabbed by different coaches around the league, especially Hitchcock when he said that was junior stuff, talking to players, talking to the referees. But I saw a guy on the other side who was talking to players and then was also talking to the referee and got the referee (mad)…Seems to me that there’s different rules for everybody in this league. I guess the old guys are allowed to do whatever they want and I guess us, because we are younger, we are not allowed to say anything. I am a little (mad) about that.”


“Oh, give me a break. Tell Patrick to shut the (bleep) up.”

Hahaha yessss, I love it.

* Martin Erat asked for a trade out of Washington, and now Dmitry Orlov has too. Here’s what his agent had to say:

 ”Obviously, what Dmitry would like is to be traded because he has no future in Washington whatsoever, zero chance for him. As you can imagine, there’s no chance in hell Dmitry is going to sign with the Capitals for next season.”


* Sounds like TSN tried to wield a little power in negotiations with the NHL, and the NHL was like, “hold up there fellas.” No idea if this is true (I certainly hadn’t heard anything like this), but here’s what David Shoalts of the Globe & Mail wrote:

“Separate sources say when negotiations opened between the NHL and TSN to extend its contract for the broadcast rights in Canada, executives from the all-sports cable network and its parent company could have showed NHL commissioner Gary Bettman a little more respect. Instead, sources say, the message delivered to Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly was TSN carried the NHL’s water for many years and the network was prepared to pay only so much to carry on the relationship – so the league should sit down and sign a contract.”

* Joe Thornton scored his first shootout goal since 2007(!). It was kind of a bad move, but whatever.

* And finally, NOPE, this isn’t well-executed hockey (Lucic on Iginla):