Ryan Kesler


Vancouver 3
Carolina 2 (Recap)

Detroit 4
Ottawa 2 (Recap)

Edmonton 3
Dallas 2 (SO) (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Ryan Kesler had a large-ish game for the Vancouver Canucks yesterday, scoring twice while also recording five shots and grabbing two hits in over 20 minutes of ice time. Impressive.

* Daniel Alfredsson cashed one in on an empty net to help push Detroit past Ottawa in his return, which was kind of a fun way to cap things off. He also assisted on the game’s first goal. His teammate Drew Miller scored twice in the game.

* Ryan Garbutt was also in the two goal club last night, adding his fourth and fifth of the year in a losing cause for Dallas.

* Ilya Bryzgalov left the game, but not until after he stopped 28 of 29 shots for the Oilers. He’s only given up six goals on the 92 shots he’s faced since arriving in Edmonton.


What Happened

Welcome home

As you would expect, the Ottawa Senators honored the return of Daniel Alfredsson with a nice highlight pack. That dude was the captain there for a lonnnng time. My favorite part is the audible difference in volume from the fans when Darcy Tucker gets roughed up:

I didn’t enjoy any of that as much as I enjoyed the applause from Erik Karlsson though, which you can check out below:


Alex Burrows swooped in at the right time

The Canes had a powerplay in the third period while only down a goal against the Canucks, when a shot from from the point beat Eddie Lack, hit the post, kicked off the back of his pad and was sliding in. Thanks, Alex Burrows.

Hey, if you can’t score, the next-best thing is to keep ‘em out of your own net, I guess.


I’ll take that thanks

Ryan Garbutt’s two-goal Sunday included a shorthanded goal. Shortie’s almost always involve someone on the powerplay looking like a chump, and this one was no different. Denis Grebeshkov, take it away!

Wait, lemme try that again. Denis Grebeshkov, give it away!


An Opinion

It’s really a bizarre concept, the whole “getting cheered for playing hockey” thing. Obviously the sport is a huge part of a lot of people’s lives, but it’s still refreshing to hear when a player recognizes that “Holy hell, I’m not sure if I deserve all this love and adoration for shooting a hockey puck into a net.” Here’s another quote from Daniel Alfredsson yesterday:

Well, it’s hard to describe. How do you feel you deserve to be cheered on like that after all you do is play hockey? It’s kind of surreal at times to have that feeling, but it’s a mutual feeling. I feel I definitely respect this city, this team as well, and I thought once the puck dropped the crowd also did the right thing and cheered on their team.

Things went as good as they possibly could for Alfredsson (which makes being polite and humble easier), but still. Good to see that he’s not one of those players who believes he’s entitled to being bathed in affection for his hockey skill.


Other News

* No word yet on the Bryzgalov injury. He’ll be reevaluated when the team gets back to Edmonton.

* If you love Jonathan Toews, well, you’ll love this. He apparently went to the team’s GM to make sure Jamaal Mayers’ name was going to end up on the Cup. Here’s what Mayers told ESPN:

“We have the same agent. It was told to me once that Taser went to Stan [Bowman] and said, ‘They don’t have to put Captain on the Cup if it means helping getting Jammer’s name on it. If that helps make room, I’ll do it.’ I guess Stan’s response was, ‘You don’t have to do that. His name will be on the Cup.’ My point is – that’s something I’ll tell my grandkids. Can you believe how selfless this guy is and what a leader this guy was? It’s amazing.”

* Darren Dreger has the inside dirt on Jake Gardiner. Here’s what he said on the Insiders Sunday night:

“Word on the street is that the Toronto Maple Leafs would expect a top six forward in exchange for Jake Gardiner. Now, you reflect on last night’s game against the Montreal Canadiens, those close to the Toronto Maple Leafs say that was Jake Gardiner’s best game of the year. 

Jake Gardiner is not being shopped, but teams continue to call particularly when he’s used as a healthy scratch. I know the Carolina Hurricanes have expressed considerable interest, the Calgary Flames have expressed interest, the New York Islanders have interest in Jake Gardiner, and there are multiple teams but Dave Nonis is not keenly interested in trading Jake Gardiner, but he will if he gets that right top six forward.”

* Speaking of Leafs’ D and trades: Liles for Gleason, somehow?

* There was an excellent article in The Denver Post over the weekend on Scott Parker’s concussion battles. If you missed it, I really recommend you give it a read.

* This rules:

* And finally, the Calgary Hitmen held  a Teddy Bear Toss yesterday, which is a bit of a junior hockey tradition. Teams generally hate playing in these games because of the delay, but something as ridiculous as what you’re about to see below probably makes it worthwhile. They said they were just under 26,000 teddy bears, all told.

For the unfamiliar, the idea is that fans bring them to the game and hang on to them until the team scores a goal, then throw them on the ice (where they’ll then be donated to children’s charities):