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It’s podcast time! Today we were pleased to be joined by Dallas Stars color analyst Daryl Reaugh, a man who’s easily one of the best in the business. And, as an added bonus, Dave Lozo joined us for a quick chat on Henrik Lundqvist at the end! He’s easily one of the guys in the business. If you don’t follow these two on Twitter, you’re kinda failing at using the service.

I should note: we had some connection issues here and there, so y’know, exhale and enjoy the vast, vast majority of it that sounds just peachy.Daryl Reaugh

Mr. Reaugh and I discussed:

* What an “Antoine Roussel” is

* The “all-new” Dallas Stars; new jerseys, players and a head coach

* Tyler Seguin’s progress

* Jamie Benn and Team Canada

* Nichushkin, Eakin, Goligoski and more

* Kari Lehtonen’s value

* Basically, it’s a “better get to know your Dallas Stars” tutorial, which is necessary because they’re damn interesting this year.

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (2)

  1. “He’s easily one of the guys in the business.”

    I dunno man; that’s a pretty extravagant sentiment. Are you sure it’s warranted?

  2. I know people always complain about how the podcast has shuffled but I love both. Big fan of the old format with the conversational tone and a big fan of the new with Bourne bringing that conversational tone in with the professionals.

    Also, I don’t see how anyone can make the argument Daryl Reaugh ISN’T the best in the business. The guy is not only a words smith in the booth, but he’s funny and the perfect mixture of modern sensibilities with an old school background. He’s never mechanic, and always interesting.

    As a Stars fan I feel so spoiled (well…beyond the hockey part). Especially when some people have to listen to people like Pierre McGuire.

    Thanks Justin for the consistently inspired work. As a hockey fan from Texas, you also have a special place in this stranger’s heart for being interested in Dallas hockey. I know we’ve had a mediocre team for years, but I feel like we’re finally allowed to enjoy our mediocrity with guys like Seguin, Eakin, Dillon, and Nichushkin.

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