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Dallas 2
Toronto 3 (OT) (Recap)

San Jose 1
Pittsburgh 5 (Recap)

NY Rangers 2
Buffalo 1 (Recap)

Winnipeg 2
Florida 5 (Recap)

Boston 1
Montreal 2 (Recap)

Ottawa 1
Tampa Bay 3 (Recap)

Carolina 5
Nashville 2 (Recap)

NY Islanders 1
St. Louis 5 (Recap)

Chicago 3
Minnesota 4 (Recap)

Colorado 2
Edmonton 8 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Brad Richards had a goal and an assist. I always root for that guy, so I approve.

* Leafy goodness: my old ECHL linemate Trevor Smith scored the OT winner, while Kadri grabbed a pair and Bernier stopped 48 of 50 shots. Nahbad.

* The Sharks got owned, which was weird. Kunitz had two, which means Crosby had a quiet three assist night.

* Okay, Marty St. Louis, we’re all soooo impressed. You’re older and good at hockey, we get it. Two goals last night gives him 12 and 14 in 28 games this year. Jebus.

* Jeff Skinner had a hat-trick vs. Nashville. I feel bad that this kid gets hurt all the time.
Totally under-rated scorer.

* Jeff Skinner AND Taylor Hall had hat-tricks? It’s a fantasy hockey miracle for Bourne (not if you’re playing me, I guess).


What Happened


I’m not entirely sure how valuable Rick Nash’s skills are, but good lord does he score some beautiful goals on his own. Columbus will do that to ya, I guess.


Wanna see Jeff Skinner’s hat-trick?

Cause I can arrange such things.


How about Hall’s?

Sure, might as well check that hatty out too.

Roy left Varly in for all eight goals. The hell?


“I don’t think it was his fault. I could have pulled Varly after the fourth goal, but I thought that would be so unfair. They scored two breakaways, 2-on-1 situation, power play perfect shot … to be honest with you, Varly has nothing to blame himself tonight.”


Mmm, shallower nets

Nick Bjustad, gettin’ it done.


Oh that’s big

I’m always torn between lauding the goalie and verbally abusing the player, so, I’ll let you decide:


An Opinion

The Oilers would be a super-frustrating team to be a fan of, cause they’re young and talented, which means they’re going to be killer when they put it together, and terrible when they don’t. The put up eight goals on the Avalanche last night, which isn’t all that uncommon for them, but I’m sure they’d happily distribute a few of those goals around to other games.

But nope. When they have it going, they’ll blow teams out. Otherwise….collar tug.


Other News

* Tyler Bozak is out til after Christmas. 

* Max Pacioretty’s hit on Johnny Boychuk seemed pretty harmless in intent, but it ended up pretty bad.  The good news? He avoided serious injury. Montreal is on a bit of a tear, so someone asked Claude Julien if the loss of Boychuk was their main problem:

“We don’t have any excuses tonight. Excuses are for losers. We’ve played with five defensemen before and it didn’t affect us. We just had a bad second period and it cost us the game. We have to look in the mirror and blame ourselves.”

* And finally, this is not how you take a slapshot:

Comments (11)

  1. “Montreal is on a bit of a tear, so someone asked Claude Julien if the loss of Boychuk was their main problem”

    Wrong team!

    I too have Skinner on my fantasy team and racked it up for me. Having Bernier in net also helped with the old save %!

  2. Love the commitment on that failed clapper – “If I have to end up on my face to finish this follow-through, then THAT IS WHAT I WILL DO.”

  3. I wonder if Edmonton didn’t have extra spring in their step after all the cracks about how Colorado got good and they still stink. Hey, coming up with narratives to match the results after the fact is fun!

    Also, who is that on St. Louis? Berglund? That should be added to the animals-taking-out-kids .gif thread from yesterday.

  4. I think Roy left Varly in net because they are playing Calgary tonight and he didn’t want two worn out goalies. The first few weren’t on Varly and then by the time the score was really out of hand it was late enough that pulling him probably didn’t seem worthwhile. Maybe Roy was wrong, but that seems like a reasonable explanation to me.

  5. Loved seeing Elliot laughing at Bergy on the bench after the failed clapper.

  6. Hey JB,

    Just curious what you meant about Nash’s usefulness. Are you saying that playing in Columbus for so long turned him into a player that can only contribute individual offensive efforts?

  7. Oilers fan here. Or I was until they traded away Smid anyway. Last straw and all that.

    The young and talented team and the inconsistent results of said players is the LEAST frustrating aspect of being an Oilers fan. When we start talking about the unwaivering commitment to the incompetent buffoons in the front office who are only there based on their good fortune to be on the great teams of the 1980′s….then I get a little frustrated.

  8. Aaaaactually, that is EXACTLY how I take a slapper… which is why I don’t ever attempt slappers.

  9. You would think Patrick Roy would understand the problems of leaving your star goalie in goal for almost 10 goals against.

  10. Can’t be-leaf the buds were able to get the win despite being outshot 50-24 against the Stars. Benn had multiple chances to take over the game and was unlucky! If your interested in some insight regarding this clash check out this article;

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