(Photo: Paul Sancya, AP)

(Photo: Paul Sancya, AP)


Montreal 4
New Jersey 3 (SO) (Recap)

Philadelphia 6
Detroit 3 (Recap)

Phoenix 1
Calgary 4 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Sean Courturier’s previous career best for points in a game was- wait, really - two? Okay, well, he topped that last night and set the bar higher by scoring twice and grabbing two assists for a four point night.

* Tomas Tatar had an interesting night. He scored his fourth and fifth goals of the year, and made himself eligible to sing the Christmas song “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.” Actually, he could sing “three front teeth,” cause that’s how many he lost.

* The Flyers haven’t had many offensive outbursts like that, so I might as well mention that Scott Hartnell and Matt Read both had a goal and two assists themselves.

* Kari Ramo stopped 29 of 30 shots to help the Flames upset the Coyotes. It didn’t hurt that they got some offense from their back-end — in Mark Giordano‘s first game back since Oct. 21st against the Kings he scored a goal and added an assist in 20 minutes of ice time. TJ Brodie also had one and one.


What Happened


I don’t really care if you’re not a fan of fighting, this is kind of a must-see punch. Brandon Prust saw his lil’ homie Alex Galchenyuk get hit, and felt obligated to finally engage Cam Janssen, who had been trying to go him earlier in the shift. And boy-oh-boy, did “hoekster316” catch the highlight of their fight.

I’m told their feud goes back to their junior days (when, shockingly, Prust was still the better player).

Our own Thomas Drance compared the punch to this.

Oh, hockey also happened in that game. The Habs were trailing 3-2 in the final minute of the game when David Desharnais tipped one home to tie the game. He also scored in the shootout to help give the Habs the 4-3 win.

Best part of this whole game might have been Peter DeBoer putting out four forwards in the final minute of OT cause he’s knows they’re garbage in the shootout.


It’s been awhile

Steve Downie scored for the Philadelphia Flyers, making it his first goal with organization since March 4th, 2008.

And in that same game, Sean Courturier made one awfully nice pass:


Great effort, Mike Ribiero

The Flames Lee Stempniak scored a short-handed goal on a 2-on-1, though the one was Mike Ribiero, so it was kind of a 2-on-there’s-a-stickblade-on-the-ice-just-don’t-hit-that.


An Opinion

PK Subban and the Canadian Olympic team

Last night P.K. Subban turned the puck over, which meant we once against had to talk about “trust,” and the Olympics. The buzz is that Canada is hesitant to take him to Sochi because he makes the odd defensive mistake. Here’s the gaffe from last night:

I have many thoughts on this, the first of which is that if you don’t take one of the best hockey players in the world to play on your Olympic team you’re over-thinking the sh** out of things, and are doing your country a disservice. A little piece of me believes (okay, maybe “hopes?”) that behind closed doors, this isn’t really much of a debate for the men in charge, and it’s something the nation is panicking about while he’s clearly pencilled in.


First off, mistakes like the one above happen to every defensemen in hockey from time to time. If it feels like PK makes more mistakes, or Kris Letang does, or whoever, it’s because talented players play more, and they have the puck more. Subban’s defensive game is actually damn solid, and when he does make the odd error, he’s got the unique skill to recover when others would be toasted. But that’s not even the point.

The point is that P.K. Subban is a play-driver, and there’s no point in a hockey game where you don’t want the puck going the right direction. The point is that P.K. Subban can create offense other d-men are physically incapable of creating, which means that instead of the game being 2-2 late in the third (gasp, can we put him out there??), it’s 3-1. The point is that the good so heavily outweighs the bad that when people try explain why he shouldn’t be on the national team and Marc-Edouard Vlasic should be, it makes me curious about what their real motivation is.

Another thought I’ve had is that Canada wants Subban to know he’s not a lock so he’ll continue to work hard on his game, and they’ll get the best P.K. they can possibly get. It wouldn’t shock me if he was Canada’s best defenseman in the tournament. The man loves the big stage, and I could see him thriving in that environment.


Other News

* As a husband, I’m letting Lundqvist in my front door? HAHAHA. Take your lingonberries and begone, you walking hair commercial.

* The Sabres have no idea what to do with Mikhail Grigorenko. It looks like they may have lent him to Russia’s U20 team? Maybe another crack at the World Juniors?

Not sure about that, but I am sure that Florida’s Barkov will not be playing for Finland in the tourney.

* Luongo to Lundqvist:

“Am I sure about living in the perfect city for me for a tankload of money? Yes, yes I am.”

Oh, and one other thing: his contract may be moveable after all – he’s apparently getting 11M next year, which means he makes less money at the end of his deal. AKA when the Islanders (or whoever) want some “cap hit” to get above the floor in five years that doesn’t cost “actual money,” you could see them pursuing him. According to Renaud Lavoie The Journal de Montreal, here’s what he’s apparently looking at per year:

14-15: $11 million
15-16: $10M
16-17: $9.5M
17-18: $9M
18-19: $7.5M
19-20: $7M
20-21: $5.5M

* The curse of Taylor Swift: not a thing.

David Pollack of the Mercury News:

Turns out that before a 2009 concert, the Penguins presented her with a jersey with her name on it. Kennedy, Staal, Max Talbot and Alex Goligoski had their photo taken with Ms. Swift – and all four are no longer with the organization.

* Not saying, just saying: Stephen Weiss signed with Detroit through 2018 for $4.9 million per this summer. He’s played 22 games to date, averaging 14:34 of ice time a night. …He has three points. Total.Since October 15th, he has one assist — that’s over 16 games. Things are going…ruff for Mr. Weiss.

* And finally, if you like hockey, you’re probably okay with a little roughhousing. Watch the GIFs in this comments section. They made my Wednesday night. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with hockey.


Comments (17)

  1. “so it was kind of a 2-on-there’s-a-stickblade-on-the-ice-just-don’t-hit-that” LOL instant classic line.

  2. Just lost it at my desk here at work. Those gifs……I can’t think of anything better in the world.

    • That goat gif would be so much better with Mortal Combat style “Finish Him!” and “Fatality!” text just before and after the second head-butt.

  3. ” If it feels like PK makes more mistakes, or Kris Letang does, or whoever, it’s because talented players play more, and they have the puck more.”

    Case in point – on the Calgary goal, that’s Keith Yandle losing the battle at the point to cause the 2-on-Ribiero. I’m pretty sure that USA Hockey isn’t going to suddenly hem and haw about taking him to Sochi, or decide that Mike Mottau should go instead.

    • actually, yes that does happen down here.. the media that actuallt covers hockey down here is scared to send Yandle to the olympics

  4. The only reason that Vlasic is being mentioned over Subban is because it is rumored that team Canada want at least 3 left handed shooting defensemen. Keith is a lock and Bouwmeester is probable. Vlasic is considered to be the best of the remaining lefty dmen (Alzner, Hamhuis, Methot, Phaneuf, Marc Staal and Vlasic). Personally I would pick Phaneuf over Vlasic, though.

    That leaves 5 possible openings for right shooting defensemen. Does Subban make the top 5 from this list: Dan Boyle, Doughty, Mike Green, Hamonic, Letang, Pietrangelo, Seabrook, Subban, Weber? The last spot (in my opinion) will be between Boyle, Letang, and Subban.

    Subban single-handedly saved 2 goals on the goal line in Monday’s game against the Devils. Then he gave them a goal Wednesday. He is the most up-and-down defenseman that could possibly make team Canada. In a tournament that will become single game elimination I think Babcock would prefer to play the more steady (safer) players.

    • This is what overthinking looks like. Well thought-out but still OVERTHINKING.

      • Yeah, I agree. You’re talking about a guy who’s a Norris shortlister. Top-three in the entirety of the NHL, and now we’re supposed to find five better right-shooting defensemen just from one country?

        If you’re taking five of that list of ten without Subban, then something’s not quite right. I’m as in the tank as anyone for Hamonic, but he’s likely tenth out of that list. Him instead of Subban is nuts.

    • The fact that you mentioned Phaneuf is out right laughable. You clearly do not watch Montreal Canadiens games when they are not playing the Laffs. P.K is one of the best skating deferenceman in the WORLD, so on the big ice surface he is going to be amazing. He is THE BEST powerplay D-man in the league and he shuts down the opposing teams best players every night. You sir are an ignorant Leafs fan.

      • These are not my opinions. This is the list of people from the Canadian orientation camp. I was giving the reasons why Vlasic might make the team and Subban would not. None of these players play for my favorite team. I have no dog in this fight.

      • Your bias is showing through your rouge-colored glasses Bryan…

  5. “Take your lingonberries and begone you walking hair commercial” That’s gold Bourne, GOLD! Haha.

  6. Justin, Coots previous career best wasn’t 2 points. He had a had trick against the pens in the 11-12 playoffs.

  7. My day started out rather stressfully, which is prob why the gifs in the last link had me laughing so hard I was crying.

  8. When did it become a thing that we cared which side a defenseman shot from? I don’t remember that even being talked about before. Did we run out of other things to analyze?

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