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Jay Feaster’s took over the Flames when they were in rough shape, and he managed to take them from there to…well, still rough shape. He hesitated on a rebuild, meaning the team and fans suffered longer than necessary before arriving at the conclusion everyone else was at – they needed an entire overhaul.

The Flames hired Brian Burke as Team President, and here we are now, roughly an hour later (ballpark) and the GM is out and Burke is deciding who comes in. The press conference is coming this morning.

The point is, you know what’s coming out of that.

The consensus seems to be that Burke is going to take over, not as the actual GM, but as the puppet-master of sorts. You know, hire a guy he can manipulate into doing what he wants so he’s back making actual on-ice hockey decisions. I don’t necessarily agree that he’s that devious.

What I do think, is that this had to happen. A lot of Flames fans wanted it to happen for awhile (as it goes with floundering franchises), and others are surprised it happened at such a random point, but whatever: it simply had to happen. They’re bad, they know it, and “more of the same” isn’t a great call from that position.

The Flames are in a position where anyone who gets the job as GM can do whatever they like. You’ve got draft picks, prospects and no expectations. The replacement GM is the most important hire in a looong time for this club, because anyone with a correct philosophy on how to build a team has the time and resources (Burke says they’re going to be a cap team) to get it done. There’s no excuse for failure for the Flames new GM.

Watching Feaster run the Flames was like watching a teen learn to drive a stick. Stops, starts and stalls. They were right to get him out of the driver’s seat; now they just need to make sure they replace him with someone who can operate the machine.

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  1. I’m amazed he managed to last 9 months after the O’Reilly waivers situation.

  2. To be fair, I don’t think ownership had the stomach for a rebuild for the first half of Feaster’s term… but since then he hasn’t made much of a case for himself as the guy to lead the way back to glory.

  3. Flames fans send all Christmas cards care of Ryan O’Reilly.

  4. I don’t hate Feaster, however I am relieved he won’t be the one shaping the future for the Flames. Don’t believe he would be able to build a contender, perfect time to bring in someone who can after Feaster did, admittedly do an ok job of clearing the rotting stock off the shelves. Seeing someone getting fired before the holidays always sucks, but this is a good day for Flames fans.

  5. As a rule of thumb, I always consider the hire of a former coach or GM a subtle way of putting the current coach/GM on notice. It doesn’t matter to me what capacity they are hired in (scout, consultant, special assistant to the VP, etc.), it’s the organization’s way of hedging their bets. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly smart to have someone in the hopper so that you don’t have run around in crisis mode looking for a replacement when the axe comes down. However, you’ve got to have the right guy in place. At one time, Feaster himself was the guy in the hopper. Ol’ Jay had been out of the GM game for a while at the time and the NHL had changed dramatically. That proved to be a disaster, but I think they’ve got the right guy in Burke.

  6. Didn’t take long to establish direction. Now if only the group in Edmonton (who are always at least 3 years behind Calgary) could get their act together. Burke will school our group up here within a year.

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