James Reimer


Tampa Bay 3
NY Islanders 2 (SO) (Recap)

Calgary 0
Boston 2 (Recap)

Winnipeg 2
Buffalo 4 (Recap)

Florida 3
Toronto 1 (Recap)

Washington 2
Philadelphia 5 (Recap)

Phoenix 1
Montreal 3 (Recap)

Anaheim 5
Detroit 2 (Recap)

San Jose 4
St. Louis 2 (Recap)

Chicago 3
Nashville 1 (Recap)

Vancouver 2
Minnesota 2 (SO) (Recap)

Colorado 2
Dallas 2 (Recap)

Edmonton 0
Los Angeles 0 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Zdeno Chara’s two goals are all the Bruins would need to get past the Flames thanks to Tuukka Rask stopping all 21 shots the Flames threw at him.

* Valtteri Filppula scored with 2:53 left in the third to pull the Lightning within one of the Islanders. Then he scored with four seconds left to tie the game up. Then he scored in a shootout to clinch the win. Not bad.

* Kings rookie goalie Martin Jones won again, becoming the first Kings goalie to ever win his first six starts. It was also a 24 save shutout, already his third.

* Andrew Cogliano had three assists in the Ducks 5-2 win over the Red Wings.

* Jakub Voracek scored twice in 15 minutes of ice time, which helped the Flyers get revenge on the Caps after their meltdown against them last week.


What Happened

Backhand Shelf

Patrick Kane’s backhand isn’t quiiiite in the elite-echelon of Crosby/Datsyuk, but he’s knocking at the door. It’s amazing how often goalie look completely baffled by it.


More firsts

Tomas Jurco, he of the ridiculous puck-handling videos you can find on YouTube, got his first NHL goal last night. No surprise, he showed nice hands in getting it.


Showing signs

I’ve been waiting for Mark Schiefele to become the player I think he can be, and last night he showed flashes of it. He scored two goals in 40 seconds on Ryan Miller, and the first was a beauty.


Some love for the masked men

I’m not sure how Alex Galchenyuk is able to just park in the slot and get this one-timer off, but when he does, Mike Smith is up to the task.


An Opinion

The “scary hit” talk from last night centered around Tom Wilson’s destruction of Brayden Schenn, which you can watch below:

My initial reaction after seeing it in the context of the game was that it was a brutal charge, and he should get five and game and nothing more. But the more I watched it and thought about it, the more my mind changed – that’s a perfect example of the recklessness that puts people in unnecessary danger that we need to eliminate.

I’m not even really going to entertain the “from behind” aspect of it, because Schenn clearly sees the hit coming late and is trying to turn to avoid being directly on the train tracks, so that’s why he goes in head first. The problem with this is, what’s he supposed to do? If he doesn’t turn and the contact is more direct maybe it’s worse. The point is that an opposing player clearly charging (hell, he’s taking strides into the guy to finish him with all the oomph he can muster) put him in a situation where he very nearly got seriously hurt. You can’t say the fact that he turned makes the hit his own fault. He’s being put in a dangerous situation.

As Thomas Drance pointed out on Twitter last night, it’s tough – Wilson is a 19-year-old who sits on the bench 53 minutes of night and is dying to get out there and show what he can do (a big part of which is play physical). It’s easy to see how we got to where we are here. But this is a guy who takes a lot of runs at players (he was suspended five games in junior for a hit from behind just last year) who had no regard for an opponent and hurt him on an illegal hit. I’d like to see him sit out a couple games for his untethered behaviour.

(If you’d like to discuss more rough looking hits, here’s Quincey on Getzlaf. I feel like Quincey expected him to take a little back pressure without launching into the boards, but hey, that’s the risk you run when you put your stick on a guy four feet from the boards.)


Other News

* Las Vegas could get a hockey team? Here’s Bob McKenzie:

The NHL party line hasn’t changed. There are no formal plans for expansion but if they expand and everyone assumes at some point, they’re going to, the common knowledge is that Seattle is the primary target in the Pacific Northwest. The strong sense I’m getting now is that Las Vegas is second on that list behind Seattle and the NHL wants to be the first major professional sports league to put a franchise in Las Vegas. People in Quebec City may be saying, ‘Hey, what about us?’ Well, keep in mind, there’s no rule that says if they expand, that they only expand by two teams. The possibility of expanding by three teams, with Quebec City being one of them, is at least something that will be considered. There’s lots of money in expansion; over $300 million per franchise, close to a $1 billion winfall that isn’t shared with the players or anyone else, just the owners.

* Tomas Vokoun could consider retirement.

* I can’t help but think of 24/7 when watching the Leafs and Wings put together just terrible stretches. Should be fun. Carlyle is calling the Leafs current state a crisis.

* And finally…HAPPY HOLIDAYS! On The Regroup will continue every weekday until Christmas, only I won’t be penning it. I’m heading to see the family in Kelowna. Have a great holiday season!

Comments (9)

  1. “Wilson is a 19-year-old who sits on the bench 53 minutes of night and is dying to get out there and show what he can do” Not like that excuse did Downie any good when he hit McAmmond. Now I think the NHL went a bit overboard on that punishment as well, but I think Wilson should definitely sit a couple of games because that charge was super-brutal, particularly seeing it live.

    It’s actually quite strange. I wonder what Downie was thinking when this went down last night. “Thank god I’m no longer that guy” maybe.

  2. You could see the Wilson Express gathering a head of steam to guess that nothing good would come from it. He should get at least 5 games for something that blatant.

  3. I think the Wilson hit is a tricky one. Here’s what’s crystal clear: (1) Schenn had the puck at the time of impact, (2) the hit wasn’t high, (3) there was no “launching”, and (4) there was no elbowing or kneeing or anything like that. Now go watch the NHL’s 7 minute video defining when supplemental discipline will be issued for charging:


    The ENTIRE focus of the discussion is long-distance run up + launching into the head. Repeatedly Shanny states that launching is the aspect of charging that leads to supplemental discipline. There are zero examples of suspendable charges in this video that are anything like what Wilson did. You have a laundry list of forbidden action: no launching, no head shots, no elbows, no blindsiders after the puck has been released. And here you have a young player following every item on the “checklist”.

    Ultimately, this Wilson hit would be suspension-worthy for one simple reason: he determined from 40 feet away that he was going to blow Schenn up, and he did exactly that. This was not a boarding play. There was absolutely no way for Wilson to disengage when Schenn made his reflexive turn away from the hit. He wasn’t targeting the back. But it was reckless and created a situation where Wilson induced and was incapable of avoiding Schenn’s reflexive action. Have we ever seen a suspension for a play like this? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s time we did? I think that’s the more interesting debate.

    • Agree completely. Wilson decided from a full zone away that he was going to blow Schenn up, skated full bore into him from 50+ feet away and hit him in a dangerous area (3 feet from the boards). When you decide to run a guy from that far away you’re not making a hockey play, you’re intending to inflict pain/injure the opponent. That’s why this hit is a suspension.

      • Well, I guess I’ll just say I hope they provide a good explanation in their suspension video, and then supplement the charging guidance on the Dept. of Player Safety website. Let’s get more clarity in these precedents.

        Also heard today that Schenn is fine, other than a stiff neck which is good news. Guessing 2 games will be the suspension.

  4. Dear Valtteri Filppula,
    Please come back, we never knew how much we’d miss you.

    Red Wings fans everywhere

  5. Being from Las Vegas, I can only wait and hope :)

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