Tavares hatty


Dallas 3
NY Islanders 7 (Recap)

Columbus 4
NY Rangers 3 (SO) (Recap)

Florida 1
Montreal 2 (Recap)

Calgary 4
Colorado 3 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* John Tavares climbed to third in scoring in the NHL thanks to a five point night (three goals, two assists). His teammate Ryan Strome scored his first NHL goal in the Isles romp over Dallas as well.

* Rick Nash scored twice against his old mates, but it wasn’t enough for the Rangers to get past Columbus.

* Carey Price stopped 26 of 27 shots on the eve of being named Team Canada’s starter.

* Nathan MacKinnon scored twice while Paul Stastny had a goal and two assists for the Avs.


What Happened

Herrrrre’s Johnny

It was Tavares second goal of the game that allowed him to best display his skill. I’m not a huge fan of how Goligoski defended the play – I get “taking the pass” is engrained in a lot of people’s minds, but there’s no way letting John Tavares take the puck uncontested to the net is the best option. Like, ever. Either way, Tavares did a great job cashing in on the clean look.

His goal off this sick Vanek dish came a liiittle easier:


Whirling dervish

It was David Desharnais who opened the scoring in Montreal/Florida game last night, and he did it by whipping a spinning backhand past Tim Thomas.


Shootout clincher

The Blue Jackets beat the Rangers in a shootout last night, which was made official by this badass Ryan Johansen deke:


An Opinion

It’s Canadian Olympic announcement day! I know I’m more or less going to be okay with whatever roster is named, but it should be fun to bitch about anyway. The things I’m most excited to see:

* Does Chris Kunitz make the team?

I’m on Team It’s Stupid If He Does, and it’s not because I think he’s bad, or that Canada is all that much worse if we take him, I just think “he has success playing with Crosby” is a pretty hilarious reason to pick a player. He’s already won the lottery by having Sid as an NHL linemate – if Crosby drags him onto Team Canada too, I’m gonna need to check his stall for monkey paws or something.

* Who’s the third goalie going to be? And with Luongo being sidelined with injuries, who would the next fill-in be?

* What’s up with the d-corps? As in, did P.K. Subban make it, who’s the surprise guy that they’re inevitably going to take to balance out the LD/RD thing? Giordano? Is M.E. Vlasic on the squad?

The questions will be answered soon enough. It’s an unenviable job to have to put together a team from Canada’s talent pool, so there will be “snubs.” Looking forward to seeing who those are.

Oh, and if you missed it yesterday, our own Drew Fairservice wrote Your Zen Guide to Olympic Squad Selection, and it’s very good.


Other News

* Logan Couture is going to be out 3-4 weeks to have hand surgery. Maybe Canada avoids taking him because of that?

* Refs wore cameras on their helmets during CBJ/NYR last night to get footage for a Stadium Series video.

* There’s a fantastic video called “Defending Gold,” on Canada roster selection for this year’s Olympics, you can check that out here.

* And finally…Ryan O’Reilly got over this celly real quick, thanks to what I think was a stick in the face:

Comments (7)

  1. I take it that Vlasics name is wrong due to the joke of “nobody knows who he is”.

  2. Might want to keep an eye on that Tavares guy. He might be pretty good someday.

  3. Re: the Goglogski / Tavares play…taking the pass is pretty old school…proper play is to shade towards the most dangerous player…which I think in ANY situation on the ice is when the puck is on the stick of 91 or 87 or 13 or 40 or 71

    • That would be Tavares, Crosby, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Malkin?

      • Yup…91 x 2 thought with Stamkos…throw 88 from the Hawks on that list too

        • so what do you do if 87 is out with 71, 13 out with 40, 91 out with 26 ( both combos ) 8 with 19, 88 with 19, 81 or 10, 10 with 15, 19 with 39, 12 or 8, 14 with 4, 57, 93 or 64.. i could sit here and do this all day, but i’m not gonna cause i should get some sleep

  4. If you’re defending 2 on 1 versus 87 and 71, you shade towards the more dangerous player and take their time and space away …IMO with their skill level that would be the one with the puck on their stick in or around the scoring area…now say Tanner Glass is bringing the puck in and your defending him and 87 the D should probably shade to 87 because IMO he’s more dangerous without the puck than a player like Glass is with the puck

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