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The Swedish Olympic roster was announced this morning, and it’s somewhere between scary and entirely terrifying for other countries. Things of note:

* Their d-corps is going to be pretty incredible at moving the puck. Between names like Erik Karlsson, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Alex Edler and Niklas Hjalmarsson, I’d be willing to bet the Swedes won’t need too many touches to successfully break out of their own zone. The big Olympic ice will work in their favor.

With a couple of those names you’re also looking at a more high-risk, high-reward group, so they should be fun to watch either way.

* The notable snub, for me: Victor Hedman (and Jonas Brodin to a lesser extent). They took Henrik Tallinder, Johnny Oduya and Jonathan Ericsson – I can’t think of too many GMs that wouldn’t pick Hedman if given the chance to scoop one of those four up.

* The forward group is a really great mix of young and old, fast and smart, gritty and skilled. Young speedsters like Carl Hagelin and Gabriel Landeskog are nicely complimented by savvy veterans like the Sedin twins and Henrik Zetterberg. With a couple other forwards right in their offensive primes ala Alex Steen, Nicklas Backstrom and Loui Eriksson, this team can play you anyway you want and give you a tough game.

If this Swedish team is able to get quality goaltending from Henrik Lundqvist (and we all know they very well could get that and beyond), they’ve got as good a chance as any team of bringing home gold. Yikes.

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  1. It’s been interesting to read in Swedish media about the decision making process, not quite as bone-headed as team USA but lots of the same cliches that Drew wrote about in his Zen guide about how they’re going to construct the team based on voodoo rather than taking the best players.

  2. As a Swede I am very disappointed but not the least bit surprised about Edler and Tallinder making it over Brodin and Hedman. In the mind of Mårts and the Federation the gold medals from last years World Championship weigh heavily in favour of the former, current form or actual ability be damned.

    The big head scratcher for me is the selection of Gustavsson, really expected them to go with a young guy like Lehner behind Lundqvist and Enroth after it was announced Fasth would miss the tournament.

    Jimmie Ericsson isn’t really much of a surprise, there was always going to be a token SHL or KHL guy on the roster, thankfully they went with someone who can actually contribute in a checking role or on the penalty kill.

    Overall I think the team selection is a lot better than it was in the Bengt-Åke Gustavsson years, even if it still leaves a lot to be desired. None of these selections come even close to being as bad as bringing Modin, Weinhandl and Magnus Johansson to Vancouver, even if the Edler selection looks really questionable given his suspension, form and injury status.

  3. I guess they haven’t watched Edler play much this season?

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