(Pic from the BBC)

(Pic from the BBC)

Hi there! Oh, has it been awhile since we’ve done a podcast? That’s hardly been mentioned, strange.

Anywho, we’re back on the once-or-twice a week train for the remainder of the season, starting today, when we were joined by Sean Gentille, national NHL writer for The Sporting News (I recommend you click his name and follow him on Twitter). His official title there should really be That Dude, as he kinda takes care of all things puck.

We had a good chat today, covering:

* The US team actually being good enough to have notable snubs

* How “big ice” seems to have dominated selection discussion

* Rick Nash, Jimmy Howard and Marty St. Louis

* Sweden’s kinda scary

* Russia made some weird picks

* And much more!

I even answered a few tweets at the end, so, fun all around.

You can listen to it here:

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