San Jose Sharks fans


Dallas 0
New Jersey 1

(Lindy Ruff’s comment on playing the Devils:Playing them is like crawling through a barbed-wire fence with a wool jacket on.” A-plus remark, there.)

Toronto 1
Carolina 6

Florida 2
Buffalo 1 (S0)

Washington 4
Tampa Bay 3

Anaheim 4
Nashville 3

St. Louis 5
Calgary 0

Detroit 1
San Jose 4

Boston 2
Los Angeles 4

Minnesota 4
Phoenix 1


Notable Numbers

* Jhonas Enroth made 34 of 35 saves for the win, which means the Sabres are only four points behind the Oilers (with three games in hand) for that illustrious “29th in the league” status.

* US shoulda-been Corey Schneider stopped all 26 shots he saw tonight to help the Devils grab two points vs. the Stars.

* Jordan Staal had a goal and three assists versus the Leafs, but that’s nothing new – he usually fares well against Toronto. What is new…John Michael-Liles scored his first goal of the year… on the Leafs. Oh man… Just, oh man.

* Ryan Getzlaf added to his insane year with two goals and an assist in the Ducks 4-3 win over Nashville. He’s alone in fourth in league scoring (52 points) by four points.

* Blues’ Jaroslav Halak made 33 saves in a shutout of the Flames, assuming games against them still count in the standings.

* Nick Backstrom made 39 of 40 saves, and rookie-you’ve-never-heard-of Justin Fontaine had the greatest night of his hockey life – he scored three times vs. Phoenix.


What Happened

Okay, he’s on my radar

You may not have known who “Fontaine” is. But after today, you  should know that “Fontaine” is a guy who scored a hat-trick versus the Coyotes as a rookie.


Speaking of new guys

Is Caps tender Grubauer on your radar yet?


It’s the Sabres, so yeah

Brad Boyes scored in a shootout to help the Panthers beat the Sabres, but…it’s just such a Sabre-y goal to give up.


An Opinion

Not so much an opinion as an explanation: this is a video of a bunch of LA Kings players warming up before their game vs. Boston, playing two-touch (read that link for more on the game).

The LA Kings’ Instagram called it “soccer fail” or something.

The reality is, “two-touch” isn’t a jovial game of “keep-the-balloon up,” it’s designed to make it hard for the next person to keep it up (two touches max – last person who’s job it was to keep the rally live who fails is out). Sooo, it constantly looks like mayhem. Most guys play because it’s fun, and once you’re out (most games), you have time to do some dynamic stretches, drink some coffee, and get your mind right. If you’re winning, well, you’re clearly on point (and if you aren’t, it convinces you you are).

Either way – the point isn’t that hockey players can’t hack a soccer ball, some guys are extremely good. They just want to win the silly pre-game game so hey, why not make life harder on the next guy?


Other News

* Wait, what the fahk is this I’m reading. Brian Rafalski is starting out in the ECHL, intending to return to the big stage? WHAT??

* Shootouts suck, Torts agrees.

* And finally, John Scott scored a goal! But yeah, not really, he chucked a puck into the net and got a misconduct.

My favorite part is that he almost missed.