In a nutshell: Devan Dubnyk was traded to Nashville for Matt Hendricks. The Oilers then flipped a third-rounder to LA for Ben Scrivens.

When you make a trade, you’re saying something about your team needs, and there’s always hope that the trade benefits both sides. I wouldn’t be shocked to see these deals benefit everyone.

First off, Nashville isn’t short on grinders. One of them, Matt Hendricks, has a slightly-too large contract. With Pekka Rinne still out, Nashville’s goaltending hasn’t been up to its world-beating standards – Carter Hutton (.902) and Marek Mazanec (.902) aren’t getting the job done. So, Nashville bought low on another good goalie who might be better than people think behind a real defense. If you’re Nashville, you’ve gained some some cap flexibility (the Oilers are eating some of Dubnyk’s salary, UFA after this season), and improved your goaltending. Way to go. (But be worried about what it says about Rinne’s status.)

If you’re the Kings, Martin Jones has made it unnecessary for you to keep both him and Ben Scrivens. They’re basically playing equals, as demonstrated by their performances behind the Kings this year. Scrivens has more name cache, and was going to be worth more in a trade. You grab a 3rd-rounder to make your team zero percent worse, and you can flip that pick for some of the offense you’re after later. High five.

If you’re the Oilers, your goaltending also gets roughly zero percent worse (some will say it got a lot better – and it might have improved a touch – but we’ll see once Scrivens is behind Edmonton’s D), and for the cost of a third-rounder, you get a “10th forward” of sorts (3rd/4th liner) who can actually be functional (unlike, say, Gazdic). He’s a bombastic guy who’s a proven NHLer who kills it in the shootout. You don’t have to love his deal, but with the cap going up and the Oilers cap situation, $1.85 per isn’t the worst deal to acquire Actual NHLers, something Edmonton needs.

Today’s NHL trades aren’t monumental, but there’s at least some logic behind what each team was thinking.

The only real issue: what do we tell Ben Scriven’s wife?

In fairness, ….no I’m kidding, I’m not about to be sensitive.