perry ducks


Nashville 4
Philadelphia 3 (SO)

San Jose 3
Florida 0

Montreal 5
Ottawa 4 (OT)

NY Islanders 2
Tampa Bay 1 (SO)

Edmonton 1
Minnesota 4

Los Angeles 4
St. Louis 1

Boston 4
Dallas 2

Vancouver 0
Phoenix 1

New Jersey 1
Colorado 2 (OT)

Winnipeg 5
Calgary 2

Detroit 0
NY Rangers 1


Notable Numbers

* Carey Price continued to be amazing on Thursday: He stopped 40 of 44 shots, was named first star, and got the win. Not a bad night.  Erik Karlsson, that loser, had a measly goal and two assists (moved into first in scoring among D-men).

* Aight, we just talked Price, let’s talk other tenders:

- Henrik Lundqvist: 38 save shutout.
- Jimmy Howard: 47 saves on 48 shots.
- Kevin Poulin gave up one on 30 shots for the Isles
- Stalock had a 24 save shutout (psst: not tough to play goal for SJ)
- Quick stopped 28 of 29 for LA
- Semyon Varlamov stopped 33 of 34 (COL)
- Corey Schneider stopped 37 of 38 (NJ)
- Mike Smith stopped all 29 shots. (PHX)

I think I officially hate goalies. Do your job, be named a star. I’m jealous of that gig.

* Corey Perry had two goals and two assists to do his part in the “humiliate the Canucks” game.

* Shea Weber also had a goal and two assists. What a stud.


What Happened

Oh my

Carter Hutton knows Dubnyk is coming in. He knows he needs to play well. This is a good start…


Nice goal

Mark Scheifele is going to be a legit NHLer, everyone just needs to give him a sec.


And, kaboom

David Backes is a killer:


An Opinion

There’s not a team in the NHL who could make a bigger leap with a single move than the Ottawa Senators. The East is ripe for the taking (outside Boston/Pitt), so why not grab a top seed, win a round and see what happens from there? If I’m the Sens, I’m all over the trade market. I think they can be legit threat this year with a couple tweaks.


Other News

* Personally, I feel like Malkin telling Crosby that the Olympics will be super-safe or whatever makes me more nervous.

* Don’t try to put a puck in a goalie’s net after the whistle, okay?

* Seven straight home losses for the Flames, woo! They’re setting records in futility at this point.

* Ben Scrivens thought his debut with Edmonton was a good learning experience.

* Trades for the Avs? 

* Sheldon Souray’s done for the year. What a bummer. He’s a beast when he’s healthy.

And finally…

* Watch this again. Please. This angle is insane.

Comments (14)

  1. Someone tell me why goalies always have their best save of the year against the Flyers?
    Enroth two days ago, now Hutton. Lindback and Varlamov also played ridiculously well against them for no goddamn reason.

  2. I don’t know about you but a .909 save percentage seems pretty weak. Allowing 4 is NEVER a good outing.

    Seems to me that Lundqvist or Howard deserve more mention for their goaltending. Hell, Chad Johnson deserves more credit than Price!

    • Did you watch the game? Price played ridiculously well, and made at least 5 saves that were highlight reel worthy. The score could’ve legitimately gotten out of hand without Price.

      • Seems to me that the score DID get out of hand with Price…

        • The Habs were never down by more than 1 goal, so it was never out of hand. Especially considering the Sens had 38 shots through 40min, and it could have been 7-3 or 8-3 at that point.

          Here’s a quote from Mike Boone, on Hockey Inside/Out.

          “It wasn’t just the 44 shots Price faced. Tampa Bay put 45 on him in a 2-1 Shootout loss at the Bell Centre in November. Carolina had 42 in winning 5-4 in OT on New Year’s Eve.

          But neither the Lightning nor Hurricanes had the quality of shots Price faced at the Canadian Tire Centre. By conservative estimate, the Senators had 20 gilt-edged scoring chances.”

          20 FFS!

        • So is that an admission that you didn’t watch the game? Or even the highlights? Thanks for coming out.

      • If a goalie has to make a ridicoulous save then that probably means he was out of position to begin with.

    • Head on over to nhl dot com and watch the replay of that game and talk shit about Carey Price after you’ve seen it. That was as insane a game as I’ve seen in a long while. He was incredible.

      • Just got back from, watched the highlights, and I must concede some bias as a Leafs fan and rival fantasy hockey owner, but I’m still concerned about Carey Price a bit, even in the OTT/MTL highlights from last night. He’s really struck me as Jekyll and Hyde a lot the past few years. He is capable of being utterly electrifying and unbeatable as he showed at times last night and many times in his career, granted, but whether it’s uncharacteristic lapses, or perhaps he’s prone to them, I just tend to see lapses from him every so slightly more frequently than I’d like as a Team Canada fan.

        It’s also quite possible that I’m harder on him because I want to be :( As Linz mentioned though, seeing your goalie make 40+ saves is pretty standard as a Leaf fan these days (and I’m fully aware that that says just as much bad as good).

    • Yeah, poor Jimmy put up a .979 Sv%, 1.00 GAA and lost.

      On a related note, the Red Wings are scoreless for their last 122:34

    • judging a single game solely on save percentage is ridiculous.

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