Green-Nash goal


Boston 2
Chicago 3 (SO) (Recap)

Tampa Bay 5
Carolina 3 (Recap)

Washington 1
NY Rangers 4 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* The Rangers and Capitals both extended streaks. Only issue: Rangers streak is wins, Caps is losses. Five straight now for the latter.

* Three men scored two goals on Sunday: Rick Nash (definitely heard of him), Brad Marchand (heard of him, I assume), and Mark Barberio (almost no chance).

* Some goalies played well on Sunday too. Corey Crawford’s 34 saves on 36 shots was good. Henrik Lundqvist’s 24 on 25 was too. But Ben Bishop’s 48 on 51 sort of gets the “best goalie performance of the night” nod.


What Happened

First goals are cool

But when they come on passes like this, they’re even cooler. Barberio won’t ever forget Killorn, like him or not.


Speaking of Team Canada…

What, this impresses you?

No idea why.


Last highlight…

I have to show this strictly for the vibe that Rask might murder Kane after. He does nothing violent, but you know he’s crazy, and you know he hates getting scored on…


An Opinion

It’s pretty clear that the Eastern Conference teams can’t hang with those in the West. It’s not that the Penguins or Bruins aren’t legit Cup contenders – they are. But a primary reason for that is how good the other side is right now.

If you’re a team in the West with Cup hopes, all you have in your road are the Blues (consensus best team in the league), the Blackhawks (probably the actual best team in the league), the Ducks (first in the NHL in points), the Sharks (legit Cup contenders), and the Kings (recent Cup winners). Long story short…anyone could win the east, and you just know the West is going to beat the life out of each other, so whoever makes it through will be playing at half-capacity. Which is to say, if you’re on the Senators, or Canadiens, or whoever – the Cup isn’t impossible. You basically have to beat the Bruins and Penguins (hopefully they play each other) and you’ll have a real shot at this.


Other News

* Sidney Crosby was named the captain of Canada’s Olympic hockey team, which is good. …Because otherwise it would’ve been a whole “thing.”

* Why make a bobblehead if it doesn’t look like the player? I’m asking you, Carolina. (Jordan Staal, I guess.)

* Sergei Gonchar didn’t make the Russian Olympic team, but he really wanted to. Evgeni Malkin and him are buds…here’s what the latter had to say“Sergei was left deeply upset by that decision. I worry for him as a player and as a friend, but it (the decision) wasn’t down to me.” 

* Friedman on the Canucks/Flames. Read it.

* Holy heck: Marc-Andre Bourdon hasn’t played since 2012, and he’s only 24. He skated with the Flyers this weekend. What an awesome thing it would be for him to make a real comeback.

And finally…

* Getting a stick in the stuff still sucks.