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Florida 5
Pittsburgh 1 (Recap)

St. Louis 4
Detroit 1 (Recap)

Philadelphia 3
NY Islanders 4 (SO) (Recap)

Los Angeles 2
Boston 3 (Recap)

Dallas 1
Nashville 4 (Recap)

Toronto 4
Phoenix 2 (Recap)

Calgary 2
San Jose 3 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Brad Marchand scored twice and Patrice Bergeron added two assists to help the Bruins top the Kings 3-2.

* Matt Read’s two goals against the Islanders wouldn’t be enough, as Kyle Okposo scored a late goal and the eventual shootout winner for New York. Okposo had a heck of a game – goal, assist, fight, shootout winner.

* Drew Shore scored twice and Scott Clemmensen made 35 saves to help the Panthers upset the Penguins in Pittsburgh. Jesse Winchester had a three assist night for the cats as well.

* Both Phil Kessel and Jake Gardiner had a goal and an assist, while Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier stopped 39 of 41 shots to help extend the Leafs winning streak to five games. It’s been nearly seven years since the Leafs last did that.

* Joe Pavelski’s scored twice to help the Sharks top the Flames.


What Happened

Special shortie

Brad Marchand scored a short-handed goal against the Kings, and basically had to beat the entire powerplay singlehandedly to do it. It’s an amazing goal, but Anze Kopitar’s definitely in full “Hey, don’t you know this is our powerplay and you’re just supposed to give us the puck now” mode.


Speaking of shorties…

Drew Shore’s wasn’t so bad either.



Jaroslav Halak was solid in the Blues win over the Red Wings, and I have proof:


Slick hands

While the Flames weren’t able to muster enough offense to top the Sharks, the did score one pretty sick goal thanks to Jiri Hudler.


An Opinion

John Tortorella got suspended by the NHL for 15 days (six games) for his part in the Flames/Canucks mayhem, which makes sense. You can’t very well be trying to go into other team’s dressing rooms to fight, especially as a head coach. But Bob Hartley getting fined $25k by the league is a little more dicey. Frankly, it’s bizarre to fine a team for putting certain players on the ice, when they’ve signed them and paid them for the express purpose of…putting them on the ice.

The only reason I don’t hate it: they’re going with straight common sense.

Logically, if you’re allowed to have players who fight, and you’re implicitly allowed to fight in the game, you should be allowed to do it when you feel you want to. I get that connection, I really do. But the NHL is apparently okay going with the straight up, lowered-head-looking-through-brows “Listen: we know what you were doing, you knew what you were doing, we all know, and we think it’s bullspit and caused problems. Just…don’t.” It’s a wrist slap, and I’m fine with them giving it. It was not a normal situation.

I know some people are mind-blown over the whole concept, but I like that the league isn’t doing the whole “What, those guys are just normal players, we agree” thing.


Other News

* Bob Hartley was fined $25k by the NHL for starting his goons against the Canucks on the weekend. Seems like the NHL is getting into some dicey territory with these “personnel” fines.

* Henrik Sedin will miss a game tomorrow, which ends his ironman streak at 679 games.

* Matt Stajan signed a new deal with the Flames for four years, $12.5m total.

And finally…

* Fun with mouthguards, courtesy Reddit Hockey and Zbynek Michalek:


Comments (13)

  1. Do you do podcasts anymore?

  2. On the Hartley fine: Coaches start their fourth lines all the time. Sometimes it might be to start things up off the draw. Sometimes it’s just a motivational tactic. The fourth line played hard last game, maybe they even scored a goal. The rest of the forward lines were crap. So the coach starts the fourth line, they get a nice little carrot for their efforts, the rest of the team feels a little shame. That happens. Now if the opposing coach decides to throw out his tough guys, and line a dman up at centre, well now you get fists thrown.

    I dunno. Westgarth at centre kind of throws that theory off a little bit, but does this mean any time a coach starts a line that fights off the draw, he’s gonna get a fine? Example: Darren McCarty-Claude Lemeuix Round 2 happened off the opening draw. If that happened today, would both coaches have been fined? In situations where a fight is definitely going to happen, coaches will start both guys just to get it over with. Is that a fine now?

    One final thing: everyone points to the Scott-Kessel thing as evidence of why Torts was “forced” to start his tough guys. Bullcrap. The Scott-Kessel thing came immediately after a Leafs tough guy beat the crap out of a grinder who was 6 inches shorter and 40 pounds lighter. Things had already escalated, Carlyle put out Kessel to try and defuse the situation and it backfired. Comparing that to the start of a game between two teams with no bad blood is just apples and oranges.

    • No bad blood hey? You’re really comparing Flames/Nucks to say, Panthers/Oilers?

      For the record, McGrattan elbowed (or hit high and hard) Alberts late in the game last time they played less than a month ago and things got a little hairy after that.

      • Maybe no bad blood is not quite spot on, but nothing happened that so dramatic as to have expected that game to have been a fight filled affair.

        • Lineup aside, the Flames were the aggressors, it was premeditatted. None of the Canucks seemed to particularly want to fight, but they had no choice.

          I think Hartley knew that, and took advantage of the Canucks after a tough week. It was a pretty boss move. Hartley took a page out of Tortorella’s book and then p1ssed on the book. It looked really bad though, and his big fine was basically automatic.

    • It’s pretty obvious when a coach starts his 4th line for the reasons you mentioned (which is literally almost never), versus when he’s starting them to fight the other team. What is that, Westgarth’s first ever face off? He wasn’t even making an attempt on the puck. Perhaps if his 4th line even made an attempt at playing hockey off the draw, then maybe we could have this discussion.

    • Hartley fine was the league holding him responsible for Wesgarths actions. If he had taken the faceoff and played 5 seconds first, i doubt he gets the fine. But when the player taking the faceoff’s gloves hit the ice before the puck – thats on the coach. He told Wesgarth to go out there and face-punch someone off the draw. He did that.

      • Chris Dingman in an Interview said hartley told him you don’t have to fight when I put you on the ice but we will then find someone else that will. Westgarth knew why he was on the ice. Calgary is trying to get a reputation of being hard to play against.

  3. Justin, I love Hartley, and your blog, but I have to disagree 100% on your opinion on fine.

    Did you see Westgarth even attempt to win the draw? Did you see the way Brian McGrattan lined up? On faceoffs Grats is either fighting for position, or lined up 8 feet away facing the opposing winger waiting for the bell to ring, which is was here.

    We assume this was Hartley’s decision. Multiple fights on the puck drop is negative attention for the league, and becoming a big no-no. Torotorella couldn’t start his lightweights because there’s precedent for that being a dangerous move (see Scott/Kessel).

    It was reckless by Hartley, and claiming he was innocent is comical, and makes me love the guy even more, even if he does crazy things like that.

    • I think you misread that one maybe. Justin was saying he understands the fine because of exactly the reasons you mentioned. Hartley wasn’t innocent, ergo the fine, and Justin was saying he’s fine with that.

      Least that’s how i read it.

      • You’re right, I just feel like the Canucks don’t get a fair shake, and I’m hardly a fan.

        When they’ve used their skill in the past, other teams are allowed to goad them and intimidate them – good old fashioned hockey. But when the Canucks try to set the tone, the refs stop that immediately by taking one of them to the box during a scrum and are all too eager to give them 10 minutes. Kassian and Sestito get misconducts like they’re going out of style.

        Tortorella sees all that, and he’s sick of it, can’t blame him for losing his mind. He deserved a couple weeks in the pressbox for what he did, obviously, but he didn’t do anything wrong up until that point.

        • In regards to Vancouver, I think maybe there’s a number of issues for them. They are clearly trying to find their identity. As you said, they were a skill team that was perceived as being soft. It’s obvious they brought tortorella in to help change that, but I don’t think they are there yet. There’s been plenty of discussion lately, and I agree with a lot of it, that Vancouver seems to be playing chippy more to prove a point than anything else. They are out of their element right now and they are making mistakes because of it. They’ve been taking a ton of penalty minutes lately and it looks like Calgary decided to come out and make a statement. Basically, we don’t think you’re as tough as you say you are. Vancouver took the bait. rest is history.

          But honestly, if Tortorella doesn’t charge into Calgary’s locker area trying to pick a fight, nobody is talking about this still. He single handedly turned a blemish into a full blown embarrassment for the league. The NHL had had enough and gave him the suspension. The fine to Hartley was just an acknowledgement that he’s an idiot for poking Tort’s with a stick. If the Nucks are going to prove they are a “tough” team, they need to prove it on the ice. Weather the storms, play a heavy game, and win games. Storming into the locker room doesn’t really get it done.

          • I agree with all that, there’s no quick fix for their reputation, but Tortorella is definitely “all in” with regards to getting a reputation for being a feared team.

            The thing is, I don’t disagree with anything he’s done recently except for the hallway incident. Their PP has been horrendous the last month or so, and this is the big reason their hard work hasn’t resulted in points. I think that when they (or if they) get that going, they will be a really tough team to beat.

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