Carolina 3
Philadelphia 2 (Recap)

Montreal 1
Pittsburgh 5 (Recap)

Chicago 4
Detroit 5 (SO) (Recap)

Phoenix 2
Calgary 3 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* Henrik Zetterberg had a three point night (all assists) in the Red Wings hard-fought 5-4 win over the Chicago Blackhawks. He’s a pretty special player – his pass to Nyqvist was evidence.

* The Penguins got two points performances from Evgeni Malkin (one and one), Jussi Jokinen (two goals) and Matt Niskanen (two assists) in their 5-1 rout of the Canadiens. Marc-Andre Fleury made 23 stops in the win, but that’s not all he did. See below for more!

* Claude Giroux tacked on another couple points to his season total, which brings him up to 46 in 51 games. He’s been chasing that PPG mark since starting slow, but he’s getting close. Nathan Gerbe did a thing too…also available below.

* Kari Ramo made 30 stops in the Flames win over Phoenix.


What Happened

Marc-Andre Fleury and Peter Budaj tried to fight

Budaj looked like he was ready to kill him too, but the ref picked up Fleury on his very-sincere-seeming way to get after it.

I’ve written about goalie fights before, give this a read. The NHL really needs to proclaim the neutral zone the goalie fight zone. I can’t go get you, but if you want it, I’ll be waiting here, which is as good as signing a waiver for the beating you’re about to take. 


Nathan Gerbe went between his legs

Every now and then I do this, usually about a save that a lot of people love, and here we are again…I’m just not as impressed with this goal as everyone seems to be.

Now, granted: a comparatively small, extremely talented human made a great play at full speed to shoot through his legs in an NHL game and score a goal, I’m impressed by that. But I just feel the need to re-emphasize that this is not a tough shot, I find it practical, and I dunno, he kinda put it off the goalie’s mid-arm and it went in out of surprise. It’s a great goal, I’m just not losing my mind about it.


Soccer assist

One of Abdelkader’s two apples was a slick kick.


An Opinion

My original “opinion” went a little long so I made it a stand-alone post, which you can read here. It’s about voting for the Hart Trophy, and how silly an award it would be if you were to use the literal definition of it.

So, a quick second opinion:

The three worst jerseys in the league have to be: Flames reds (with black C), Ducks blacks, Avalanche burgan…maroon..ish..ly?… Their darks.

The Flames throwback red-with-orange (or yellow or whatever that is) digs are great. The Islanders returned to the orange accents. The Oilers did too. It’s your turn, Calgary. Reclaim that orange (or whatever that is) for good.


Other News

* The Flames would be willing to trade Mike Cammalleri for a first-round pick and a prospect. In a related story, every team that’s ever paid a guy six million per year to be 196th in NHL points would be willing to trade him for a first-round pick and a prospect.

* Yesterday I did a podcast with Director of Player Safety for the NHL, a one Mr. Patrick Burke. You can listen to it here, I actually learned a lot during our chat.

* The ice is ready in LA! Let’s all agree to assume the rink was just flooded, and not that it’s melting.

* Wanna see Roberto Luongo practicing in his Stadium Series gear? NOW YOU CAN!!! Just click this link.

* This is pretty funny – someone posted a Craiglist ad “from John Tortorella” looking for temporary employment while he’s suspended.

And finally…

* Here’s Erik Karlsson and Mike Green pairing up in one of those post-whistle “everyone pair up” scrums. This is what happens when two guys have zero animosity towards one another – in fact, they probably like each other – but they’ve gotta go through the motions. I bet they’re telling “This is dumb” secrets.

From Redditor “smeddy95“…”They found love in a hopeless place.”

Comments (12)

  1. You forgot about the Sabres thirds

    • Oh wow. Egregious oversight. I should’ve kept it to “regular” sweaters, cause Isles thirds are in there too.

  2. I love that Fleury genuinely tries to fake out the ref in his attempt to get to Budaj. I don’t know Budaj much, but has he been in a fight before? As much as I would have hated to see Fleury get hurt in a fight, I would’ve loved to watch it!

  3. Never mind Budaj — would a Penguin player have gotten an automatic 10-game suspension for coming off the bench to stop Fleury (before he could get hurt)?

  4. I’m with you on the between the legs goals… Love how Gerbe’s going full speed and pulls it off super quick… but that’s a shot most high schoolers can make.

  5. On the Hertl/Gerbe goal… every kid on my son’s squirt travel team has been trying it since Hertl pulled it off, and about 2-3 of them can do it, though not reliably. That makes it a tough shot, not an incredible shot. The real thing to marvel at is the balls it takes to do it in a game – because if you lose, you look like a complete idiot.

  6. Great shot of the LA ice… but if the NHL keeps up this stadium thingy at this level they should go to olympic size ice for these. It would be visually stronger, would be more interesting – and probably higher scoring, as everyone tries to figure out how to deal with it.

  7. “Goalie fight zone” is the best idea I’ve ever heard, glad you mentioned it again and hope you continue to. If that were a thing, I would concede fining coaches for player selection. Fair is fair.

  8. Out of curiosity Justin, what would you consider the most skilled move a guy can pull off on a breakaway?

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