Benn Leafs


Toronto 1
Dallas 7 (Recap)

Chicago 1
Minnesota 2 (Recap)

Pittsburgh 6
NY Islanders 4 (Recap)

Ottawa 3
Tampa Bay 4 (SO) (Recap)

St. Louis 2
NY Rangers 1 (Recap)

Philadelphia 2
Columbus 5 (Recap)

Carolina 5
Buffalo 3 (Recap)

Winnipeg 0
San Jose 1 (Recap)

Nashville 2
Vancouver 1 (Recap)

Los Angeles 1
Anaheim 2 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* I don’t normally do this, but here’s a couple negative stats. Jonathan Bernier was yanked after giving up three on 13 shots, then Reimer gave up four more. Jamie Benn had a goal and three assists, while Valeri Nichushkin had two and one to help make that all happen.

* Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz both had a goal and two assists. Man, those guys are good. They’re like…Greek gods. They’re Olympian those two, I swear.

* Terrible ‘ol Victor Hedman, not good enough to make the Swedish Olympic d-corps (Oduya, Tallinder are though), had three assists, which moved him to 11th in overall points-per-game by defenseman this year (29 points in 44 games). His true strength is defensive hockey though, so…wait, why the hell isn’t Hedman on the Swedish team? Holy hell.

* Andrej Sekera had a goal and two assists for the Canes, while Alex Semin sniped two more to help them top the Sabres 5-3. Semin now has six goals in his last four games (2, 1, 1, 2), which is half his year total of 12. Not bad son, not bad.

* Alex Stalock had a 20 save shutout vs. the Jets, which is about the least you can do in a shutout, I believe.


What Happened

If I were a goalie, I’d hate this

If I’m on the bench as a goalie, and the guy in the net I want to defend has an equipment malfunction, I don’t really wanna give him my custom-painted mask to help him out. But…”Sure man, no problem, here you go,” of course.


In a losing cause, granted…

Brock Nelson of the New York Islanders is a bit of a player to watch. He turned 22 in October, he’s 6’3,” only flirting with 200 pounds, and has six goals in his last 10 games (17 pts in 43 games). One of those goals was scored last night.


Calder contender

My thoughts on this Tyler Johnson goal were “Wait, pardon, what, how?”


Bang for your buck

Nathan Horton has played 10 games for the Blue Jackets this season. They’ve won nine of them. Last night he scored his 7th point and 4th goal to help them to their eighth straight.


An Opinion

It’s pretty insane how good your team has to be, to be an elite team in the NHL.

Quick walk: Earlier this season I was in an NHL suicide pool of sorts that allowed you three strikes. Predictable rules: can’t pick the same team twice, etc. It was a pool of sixty people, and I made it to the final five — top three made some pretty good money. My losses as it all unfolded? San Jose at home to Buffalo (in which San Jose scored in OT but it was missed), and Vancouver (also at home) to Florida in a shootout. It ended up in a “pick-off” in which I went 4-1, and finished FOURTH overall. Ouch. Ahem. Anyway.

The point is, I remembered the Sharks losing to Winnipeg, and vaguely remembered them losing to Carolina as well, so I thought…with Buffalo in that mix too, is this a team that gets beat by bad teams a lot? So I went through their schedule.

Their record is 32-12-6, for 70 points. Their 12 regulation losses:

Los Angeles

The combined record of those teams above? Pretty damn impressive. It usually takes a special team to beat San Jose. Otherwise they just…win.

They win gobs of games in a row, six here, three there, nine here, four there. They’re currently up to five in a row.

So the sad message…if your team is middling and hopeful this year, just get lost. Those type of teams need a zillion breaks: a Sharks/Ducks/Blues/Blackhawks/Penguins/Bruins bus crash or something. The good teams in the West are just so good it’s insane, and the Pens and B’s can hang (assuming the West teams kill each other en route to the Final). As rosters sit right now, one of those six is gonna win the Cup. It’d take some real weird circumstances for that “way out there” prediction to be wrong.


Other News

* Thomas Vanek on NYI: “Even if they traded me, sure. I like it here, it’s a good group of guys. This would be a place I’d consider if it gets to July 1.”


….Man I’ve become a bitter Isles fan.

* Luongo, the Sedins, and most athletes don’t want to bring their families to the Olympics for safety’s sake. Scary Games this year.

* The Dallas Stars put Justin Bieber’s mugshot on their jumbotron with the words “Maple Leafs fan” below him, because…oh god I mentioned that whole thing f*** me nevermind.

* The Canucks are giving 38-year-old Vinny Prospal a tryout, eh? Wow. Okayyy.

And finally…

* This comes from Redditor “diesel321“. Did you know that if all refs are incapacitated, the teams have to appoint a player per team to take over the job? That’d be amazing.

wait what

Comments (8)

  1. Sharks/Ducks/Blues/Blackhawks/Penguins/Bruins

    You forgot the Kings. One of those 7 is winning the cup.

    • Based on history, I’d pick the Kings over the Sharks … but the Kings don’t fill me with confidence. Quick’s been iffy, and the power play has been atrocious.

      That, and they’re making me think that Corsi isn’t “all that” because they can’t seem to put the puck in the net.

      Yeah, I’m a Kings fan, and I’m thinking about bleach.

  2. I wonder how well that visiting team player serving as the linesman will do at breaking up fights

    • I had no idea this rule existed.

      I’m now picturing home teams aren’t targeting all four officials on the first shift, and following that up with a game full of “no goal” calls against the visitors.

  3. Brock Nelson is going to be real good. Size but with some speed and a great hockey IQ. Among the hyped up 1st rounders from the NCAA (like Kreider and Bjugstad) he outscored all of them. He’s also great defensively; he led the AHL team in shorties last year and has been used in every role this year with the Isles. He even played 1st line center for the game Tavares missed. He’s the prototypical 2 way second line center; 50 points a year with PK time and hard QoC.

  4. If my Math is correct, San Jose lost 3 games in regulation to Boston and Pittsburgh. Yea, I guess those to teams can more then “hang” with the west.

  5. That rule is essentially how my rec league works. They will grab a player from one of the teams waiting to go on (or ask a guy who just got off) to toss on the stripes if one of the refs has to leave or if something happens.

  6. I think you’ve got to include Tampa Bay in the mix if you’re including Boston. On paper they look the same, and Tampa Bay should only get better once Stamkos returns.

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