ovy green


Nashville 4
Winnipeg 3

Carolina 0
Montreal 3

Washington 5
Buffalo 4 (OT)

Florida 2
Boston 6

Ottawa 3
Columbus 2

Detroit 0
Philadelphia 5

Tampa Bay 2
Toronto 3

Minnesota 4
Anaheim 2

Chicago 4
Calgary 5 (OT)

Los Angeles 0
Phoenix 3

New Jersey 0
St. Louis 3


Notable Numbers

* David Krejci had a goal and two assists, while Milan Lucic had two goals in the Bruins 6-2 assault of Tim Thomas. Er, the Panthers. Same diff.

* Nazem Kadri scored twice and Jonathan Bernier stopped 40 shots in the Leafs 3-2 win over Tampa Bay.

* Scott Hartnell had two and one, Giroux had one and two, and Steve Mason had a shutout. The Flyers, they had an okay night.

* The Great Eight, Mr. Ovechkin, had a two and two for four, including an assist on Mike Green’s OT winner (he had two and one for three) in the Caps narrow 5-4 OT win over the Sabres.

* Carey Price had a 36 save shutout over the Canes. Canada is saved.

* Thomas Greiss also had a shutout (30 saves). Jaroslav Halak (23 saves) did too. Goooo, goalies, or whatever.

* Oliver Ekman-Larsson played a reasonable amount of minutes (26+) and scored twice. But still, the highlight below was the one most worth clipping.


What Happened

Those mitts

It wasn’t the game-winner or anything – that came late courtesy James Van Riemsdyk – but Nazem Kadri’s goal was a whole bunch of special. (Just ask him.)



After the Leafs pulled ahead late, Jonathan Bernier made this sick save to preserve the win for the Leafs…on Marty St. Louis, no less.



I mean, this Drew Doughty hit on Oliver Ekman-Larsson…damn. Dude got straight-up smoked.


An Opinion

Corey Crawford is probably an NHL starter…but not by much. That’s today’s opinion, and it has nothing to do with him giving up one fluke goal on 14 shots last night in relief of Antti Raanta.

It needs to be okay for us, as hockey fans, to admit that you can win a Stanley Cup with an average (or slightly worse) goalie if your team is good enough. We really need to get there. You can win it with weaknesses at other positions if you’re compensated for everywhere else. Goalie is no different.

It’s an absolute fact that having good goaltending matters, and having great goaltending can flat-out steal you games. If your goalie can stop one extra puck in playoffs and it puts you up 3-2 in a series instead of the opposite, it changes everything.

But there ARE cases where teams are just so good that average goaltending is good enough. Chris Osgood being the easiest example here.

Corey Crawford isn’t bad, at all. That’s not my point. But he’s always played behind rock-solid D in Chicago, is sporting a .911 (which is a pinch below average) and has a career save percentage just below the current NHL average as well. Put him in the net in Edmonton, and frankly, I think he gets lit. I don’t believe he’s rockin’ that same .911.

He’s not bad. But it’s okay to say that a guy who was talented enough to make the NHL and is in his prime happened to luck into a great team despite only being average at the world’s highest level. It’s okay to say that. It’s not a diss. It’s the reality of who Corey Crawford is as an NHLer.


Other News

* Happy Islanders/Rangers outdoor game day – this rivalry is somehow still fun in 2014. Tonight could be a blast.


* Being “tough” is just part of the job of being a hockey player. Like, literally. You won’t make it far if people don’t think you’re tough. And so, players do tough things. Here’s Danius Zubrus telling a story about returning to the Stadium Series game after having his broken nose reset.

* I wrote about this in Thoughts on Thoughts yesterday, but Parenteau to Montreal makes no sense. Apparently it was McGinn they were after.

* Brian Rafalski’s NHL comeback has hit a roadblock, in that he was released by an ECHL team (vaguely injury related, I guess).

* Dan Girardi is going to be a Ranger for awhile. 5, 6 years…what do you care. He’s going to be one of their core guys.

And finally…

* The Leafs wore the decal below on their helmets last night, because we all need to talk about mental health issues. I’ve had my struggles over the past few years, as many other people have. Maybe you’ve had your own. In particular, I’m indebted to my wife, but also Jake Goldsbie, Ryan Eligh and Derek Snider (hell, theScore in general) for being patient with me when I first moved up to Toronto. A little support goes a long way.  Write me at justin.bourne@theScore.com if you want to talk. I’ll write back.

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  1. Ironic to say the Bruins assaulf of Tim Thomas when it was Timmy doing the assaulting on poor Carl Soderberg!

  2. Doughty’s hit was good, but i think two other hits during the game were better. Doan and Morris straight up laid two kings out in worse fashion. But, of course those wont be highlighted.

  3. Maybe McGinn makes more sense for Montreal than Parenteau does, but that trade still makes no sense from the Avalanche perspective. What does Bourque bring in terms of ability, physicality, and production that McGinn doesn’t already provide at a lesser cost and younger age? Besides, the Avs need defensemen, not forwards.

  4. Career regular season SP:

    Brodeur: .912 (with most of the career in the dead-puck era behind a trap)
    Mike Smith: .913
    Corey Crawford: .913
    Kari Lehtonen: .914
    Carey Price: .915
    Jonathan Quick: .917
    Jimmy Howard: .918.

    And that’s with Crawford only really having 3 full NHL seasons, one being the dreaded sophomore slump that afflicted him just as badly as it did Quick and Price and Howard and many others. You’re right, he’s not Rask or Lundqvist, but so what? He’s not “probably an NHL starter, but not by much.” He lacks the consistency the truly elite guys do, but he is still deep in what’s generally the development curve for NHL starters.

    On the other hand, here’s career playoff numbers (which, by the way, Crawford had a .932 last year in the playoffs and in the estimation of everybody – announcers of the game, analysts, teammate and winner Patrick Kane – was the rightful Conn Smythe winner):

    Carey Price: .905
    Roberto Luongo: .916
    Pekka Rinne: .916
    Patrick Roy: .918
    Jimmy Howard: .918
    Martin Brodeur: .919
    Henrik Lundqivst: .920
    Corey Crawford: .924
    Jonathan Quick: .929
    Tuukka Rask:.930

    And Crawford has comparable or greater numbers of appearances to Price, Rask, Howard, and Rinne, including his second season poor playoff performance (.893 when a team not dissimilar to the won that steamrolled the league during 2013 got quickly canned by the Coyotes).

    In sum, no Crawford isn’t Lundqvist or Rask – or even the current version of Carey Price. He’s a bit too inconsistent, especially earlier this year. But the idea that you can win with poor goaltending – no, you can win with inconsistent goaltending, but not average or weak goaltending. Fleury had a .908 when the Pens won the Cup, but was absolute nails when they were down vs the Red Wings. Crawford’s career storyline is far from written, but it’s hardly “barely a starter” level. His contract is too large, like every new contract. And he plays for a great team – you don’t see anybody complaining about Rinne’s career numbers, do you, despite an albatross of a contract and health issues to boot.

    • And what do you think his SV% is if he’s not playing behind one of the top defensive units in the game? Like Bourne said, put him in edmonton and he gets lit up.

      • Goalies switching teams tend to show major fluctuations in GAA and shorthanded SP, not even-strength save percentage. You think Luongo would be doing that well in Edmonton, either?

        • Small sample size but Scrivens, Dubnyk and Mason would beg to differ.

          Scrivens ES% in LA – .937
          Scrivens ES% in Edm – .909

          Dubnyk ES% in Edm – .897
          Dubnyk ES% in Nas – .907

          Mason ES% in Clb – .895
          Mason ES% in Phi – .935

          • Aside from Mason, are these even statistically significantly different from each other? Sometimes eyeball tests can lead to a rejection of the null when statistical tests dictate otherwise.

  5. Shit son, Ekman-Larsson got Kronwall’d.

  6. Notable Numbers: Zach Parise had a 3 point night! :)

  7. You need to get the band back together ( Noon and Goldsbie ) for a podcast soon. do a stadium series wrap up or a community vote forced watch. something…

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