lundqvist save


NY Rangers 2
NY Islanders 1 (Recap)

San Jose 0
Edmonton 3 (Recap)

Chicago 4
Vancouver 2 (Recap)


Notable Numbers

* BEN SCRIVENS. Ben Scrivens, man – he set the NHL RECORD for saves in a regular season shutout last night (regulation). 59 saves in a 3-0 win. The Sharks attempted 100 shots on the Oilers net, all told. Damn. Oh, and Taylor Hall had a goal and two assists. Whatever.

* Henrik Lundqvist made 30 stops in the 2-1 Rangers win, Nabokov made 32. All told, it was King Henrik who seemed to face more pressure. Either way, both goalies were good.

* You won’t believe this: Toews and Sharp were great against Vancouver. Fun thing for Chicago: if they can play Saad, who was also great against the Canucks, on the bottom two lines…they’re an awfully tough team to play.


What Happened

The Isles enjoyed Yankee Stadium

I’ve been critical of Jack Capuano as a coach in the past, but I love the guy as a guy. His comments before playing in Yankee Stadium:

You get into this building, you’re in the Bronx, you’re in Yankee Stadium, a great venue, and it’s pretty amazing what the NHL has done with these events. I think when we get out there [Wednesday] night it will be all business. But [Tuesday] was a day for our guys to enjoy a good, spirited practice, lot of time with their families. It’s not every day you get to do that.

They were all business, and they played well. As hockey goes, that doesn’t necessarily mean you win.


Ben Scrivens

He was good, if you hadn’t heard.


As great as your goalie can be…

…you gotta score to win. Taylor Hall:


An Opinion

Andrew MacDonald of the New York Islanders is someone I consider a friend. We met at Islanders rookie camp, we played together in Utah of the ECHL, we played together in Bridgeport of the AHL, and, actually, we swapped cars when he was down and I was up, given that it was supposed to be the opposite. He’s a truly good guy, and f**k me, is he good at hockey.

Qualifiers out of the way, Jack Capuano has (or rather, is about to have) made him a very rich man. AMac is a crazy smart player. As a teammate you trust him so much to do the right thing. He’s a talented guy. He can make plays that most guys below the NHL shouldn’t try. And, he’s rightfully confident. But at the NHL level…at the NHL level he’s just okay. That’s not a dig, but it’s true. He’s a fine second-pairing d-man.

But, because Jack Capuano knows him from the minors and they ascended together, and because he’s been comfortable with AMac’s skill-set and smarts, he’s felt okay giving him a lot of minutes in the NHL. Like, ALL the minutes.

And any d-man who plays comparable minutes to the best d-man in the league that’s a pending UFA is gonna get paid. Andrew MacDonald is good, and he’s OWED big boy money (for his years of earning comparable nickels), but he isn’t going to transform any team. But even though he’s best fit to patch a hole for a team, he’s going to get paid like a guy who can drag a team to glory thanks to Jack Capuano. For me as his friend, that’s pretty cool. But for some team who’s going to blindly pay him, it probably won’t be.


Other News

* Martin Brodeur is making an awful lot of news that doesn’t need to be made lately. “I’d be up for a trade, I’d play somewhere else next year, etc, etc.” Just shut up. We love you. You’re still fine. Just play goal and chill out.

* The toughest guys in the NHL are the ones who are willing to take hits to make plays.

* Ooo, “Arizona Coyotes” next year. They aren’t in Phoenix, so…yeah.

* Four outdoor games next year. Denver’s a lock, in my opinion.

* If things get ugly in Sochi, the NHL won’t send its players. The reasons there’s no backup plan for that? If it’s unsafe for our best players, what, “eff it, send these only sorta good hockey players, who cares about their lives.” ?? No.

* Mic’d up ref, Stadium Series, Rangers/Devils.

* Here’s Jaromir Jagr saying a bunch of words. Like, “Final Destination” words. “If you are destined to drown, you won’t be blown up in Sochi.” Man, I envy that lack of fear, that simplicity of thought. “Oh, okay. Then I guess I won’t think about it.” And really…why should you? If you’re going, go.

And finally…

* Goalie wanna play out, players wanna play net. Here’s Ovi after practice yesterday: