rafael diaz

The Montreal Canadiens are interesting. It’s common knowledge that their goal-scorers are, when compared to other teams around the league, noticeably small. And indeed, Habs’ GM Marc Bergevin has noticed this. With that info, it feels like his goal has become to counterbalance those small players with what he believes to be big tough guys (Parros, White, Prust, Moen…even Doug Murray), so the team’s average height/weight isn’t embarrassing.

And so, here we are: they’ve now brought in 6’2″ 210-pound forward Dale Weiss, and shipped out 5’11″ 198-pound d-man Raphael Diaz.

The problem here, is that Diaz is a second-pair-level defenseman seeing close to 19 minutes of ice time a night, and Weise is a 4th line waiver-claim player who logs less than eight. Vancouver’s new player has double Weise’ points-per-game, and he’s not a forward. He’s pretty useful, all told.

Diaz was set to become a UFA (Weise is a pending RFA), and with talent in the minors on its way, I understand Montreal felt they had an asset to move. I just don’t think they used that asset to make their team better. In the NHL, players like Weise are often available for nothing.