Matt Hendricks


Ottawa 1
Pittsburgh 2 (OT)

Edmonton 3
Buffalo 2

Colorado 2 (OT)
New Jersey 1

Vancouver 0
Detroit 2

Columbus 4
Anaheim 2

Philadelphia 5
San Jose 2

Chicago 5
Los Angeles 3


Notable Numbers

* Jimmy Howard had a shutout: that is good.
It was on the 16 total shots the Canucks generated: that is bad.

* The Penguins/Sens game may have looked close on the scoreboard, but Craig Anderson made twice as many saves (46) as Ottawa had shots. Sooo, not so close.

* The Oilers, on the other hand, gave up nearly that many shots to the Buffalo Sabres with Ilya Bryzgalov in net…and won. New acquisition Matt Hendricks scored a beauty and was named first star of the night.

* Nick Foligno’s two goals helped Columbus get a big win.

* Anze Kopitar matched Patrick Kane’s goal and two assists, but the Kings still lost by a couple to Chicago.

* Speaking of “a goal and two assists”…Claude Giroux hit those totals for Philly. 55 points in 57 games at this point, he’s on a great run.


What Happened

Marc-Andre Fleury says nope

How amazing is this Marc-Andre-Fleury save on Erik Karlsson? The answer is “quite,” BTW. Quite amazing.

Also spectacular in that game: James Neal’s patience on his overtime winner. I want to bring this goal flowers and take it to a nice dinner.


More OT action

The Avs took down the Devils in OT thanks to this Ryan O’Reilly redirect. No good standing by a guy if you let him keep his stick on the ice.



Justin Abdelkader had both Detroit goals in their win over Vancouver, thanks to his bend-it-like-Beckham goal past the soccer wall. (Note: puck did not actually bend.)


An Opinion

Steven Stamkos is awfully close to coming back for the Tampa Bay Lightning, as evidenced by the fact that he’s been given a normal practice jersey, which implies he can take hits. Only…the guys didn’t feel so comfortable with that.

Lighning head coach Jon Cooper tried to egg the boys on (NAILED IT) by saying “He’s wearing a white jersey, but he’s not an egg,” which is a fantastic line. That said- it ain’t happening.

It’s not often you try to hit your own stars hard in practice, and it definitely isn’t happening when that guy is Steven Stamkos and trying to be back for the Olympics. Cooper can say whatever he wants – nobody on his team wants to be “that guy,” so the first real contact Stamkos will face will be in the next game he gets in.

The good news is, you don’t get hit as much on the big ice sheet. If he can get through an NHL game, he should be good to go.


Other News

* The Sabres have placed Matt Moulson on injured reserve. You can’t trade an injured player. Two and two together on that: if he’s not healthy by the trade deadline, the Sabres, at the depths of their rebuild, could lose a perennial 30-goal-scorer for nothing. Awkward collar tug.

* Ryan Callahan is reportedly after $7 mill per season, or as it’s also known “a trade.”

* Sweden didn’t take Victor Hedman to Sochi cause he’s only good at everything, or something.

* Thomas Vanek could end up in Minnesota.

And finally…

* Here’s autotuned John Tortorella “singing” “Don’t Push Me.” I dunno. Do with that what you will.