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A quick analysis of the United States forward group after their 7-1 deconstruction of the Slovak squad:

Dustin Brown – Ryan Kesler – Patrick Kane


James van Riemsdyk – Joe Pavelski – Phil Kessel


Zach Parise – David Backes – Ryan Callahan


Max Pacioretty – Paul Stastny – T.J. Oshie


“Terrifying” “ouch” and “damn” are pretty much the simplest, most distilled version of my thoughts after watching the Americans break down Slovakia.

Just like I said about Sweden after they beat the Czech Republic 4-2, the only part of the game that we’re able to learn anything from is the first two periods, where the US had their pedal to the floor and Slovakia couldn’t stand up to it. The lines came in waves, dominating puck possession and keeping the pressure on until a breakdown eventually led to a puck in the net.

The one caveat from the game: it was Slovakia’s lack of depth that really killed them. The US didn’t have much success against their best players.

Tomas Surovy and Milan Jurcina were both minus four. Milan Bartovic and Rene Vydareny were minus three. Meanwhile, Zdeno Chara, Tomas Kopecky and Michael Handzus were even, and Marian Hossa was minus one.

The US has an undeniably deep, scary group of forwards. Other countries are on notice. But it will be fun to see how they stack up against a group that’s better from top to bottom.

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  1. How were they able to produce such a large amount of goals without Bobby Ryan’s goal scoring ability…?


    • I guess we will find out when they play teams with more than 4 good players? Guessing you’re a leafs fan based on your tendency to make quick inaccurate assessments based on one or very few games.

      • False, Hawks fan. Also, you have me confused for another poster as I rarely comment here.

        It was a joke. But, I wouldn’t call Slovakia a crappy team considering they have a couple elite NHLer’s on their roster and some decent players youngsters. It’s not like they only put up 3 against a Norway team that boasts maybe 3 NHL players period…

  2. Love reading the TSN comments and hearing Leaf fans declare their allegiance to the Americans so Kessel and JVR can win a gold. That is some classic Country of Toronto, Leaf nation stuff right there. Guess they feel for the fact they will never get a cup unless traded? Otherwise, unexplainable and gutless. Can’t wait, the 7-1 win over crappy Slovakia is like when the leafs have a hot start and we never hear the end of it until they crash back to reality. Do us a favour and keep cheering for your buddy Burke’s Yankees we have too many real fans in Canada proper with red blood to notice the fairweather’s have gone missing in Southern Onterrible.

    • Amusing that you are being critical of a 7-1 win over ‘crappy’ Slovakia while Canada only managed a 3-1 victory of Norway, a far weaker team than Slovakia.

      • Yeah, those “crappy Slovaks” who finished 4th last time around, and who’s roster isn’t all that different from 4 years ago

        • @Doh as well – Fair enough, use Slovakia as your measuring stick. Ill stick to the US, Russia and Sweden. Margin of victory in games you’re supposed to win isn’t a real make or break for me when it comes to evaluating a team that has practiced 3 times together. But go ahead, read way to deep into it. The only reason Slovakia finishing 4th is noteworthy? They shouldn’t have.
          Compared to the contenders, they’re crappy… just like the Leafs.

    • Not sure what the Leafs have to do with the Olympics….. but ok.

      I don’t know a single Canadian Leaf fan who would ever cheer for the Americans over Canada.

      Please, keep bringing up the Leafs when it’s not relevent. Then complain that it’s the only team anyone ever talks about….

      P.S. Burke isn’t even with the Leafs organization anymore, he’s with the Flames, but go ahead and keep pretending he is. Also, don’t ever compare the Leafs to the fucking Yankees ever again.

      • Glad none of your friends are the idiots constantly relaying this sentiment on Canadian sports website message boards. I love talking about the leafs, never complained once. Thanks for the Burke tip, I have actually been living on mars for the past year, not at all calling him “your buddy” sarcastically because he set the franchise back 5 years with bonehead moves, many of which included building the team around Yankees. Cheers

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