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Look, I get it.

Fighting is on the way out in the NHL.

Fighting in neanderthalic (not a word, whatever).

But if you’ll allow yourself, on a Friday, to climb down from your high horse and accept that two humans have agreed to a contest of face-knuckling – grown men mind you, making their own decisions – and enjoy it for the basic entertainment that it is, you might just enjoy this list. Also, I only chose fights where nobody was concussed, so sleep easy.

If you pay close attention, in one of the fights one of the guys uses his fist to hit the other guy’s face. It’s fascinating.


Colton Orr vs John Erskine

“Here come the jackhammers.”


Brian McGrattan vs Patrick Bordeleau

“And they’re just tossin’ ‘em!”


Mike Brown vs Aaron Volpatti

Remember Punch Corsi (or, “Kordic”) created by Scott Lewis? Yeah, Mike “cocaine fists” Brown still holdin’ down the title.


Antoine Roussel vs Andrew Shaw

Pierre McGuire’s commentary during the fight, after Antoine Roussel’s name gets mentioned:

“I thought he was from France, Gord. … wow … look at this.” 

Good thing you weren’t listening to the game on the radio.



Antoine Roussel vs Kevin Klein

“Oh, look at ‘em go! Old school!”

“That’s stand back and feed ‘em the meat candy.”

I…I guess it is?