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There’s a good chance you noticed a change in the way things operated at Backhand Shelf this year. Well, there’s a reason for that: Backhand Shelf, along with the other theScore blogs, have been closing up shop to unite as one sports superpower that’ll compile more news and create better stories for you.

As such, Backhand Shelf is closing its doors. However, the work you found here is going to continue on under a different URL, so y’know, exhale and all that.

On one hand, it’s a bit of a sad day: we’re almost through Backhand Shelf’s third season, and the support for it has been wonderful. I’m really proud that we built a relevant sports blog within the hockey community. I’m appreciative that the comment section was remarkably thoughtful and generally kind, and I’m proud of a lot of the work I did.

On the other hand, nothing is really changing. I’m still going to be writing with the same frequency, only the work will once again be surrounded by news so you’ll once again have incentive to visit directly, instead of just when I tweet things out (though you can still follow me on Twitter for links here). Also, with playoffs just under way, the timing is just about perfect. Our plan of being able to ensure that you don’t miss a single bit of news, but also get quality analysis and opinion is finally coming together.

So, without much more ado, thank you. Sincerely. Thanks for the support, the kind words, the feedback, and for reading in general. (I’m very grateful to have been given the opportunity to make it a good site in the first place, so a big thank you to theScore as well.)

I really hope you like what we’ve created next. I truly think it’ll become a must-read site for hockey fans. Enjoy!


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Frans Nielsen