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5 reasons the Montreal Canadiens swept the Tampa Bay Lightning

Justin Bourne breaks down how two apparently-evenly matched team play to such a lopsided series final.

Why antagonists like Matt Cooke aren't going anywhere soon

Justin Bourne explains why Matt Cooke and other antagonizers have jobs.

How the Wild scored in OT to win Game 3, and what went wrong for the Avs

Justin Bourne looks at the Minnesota Wild's OT winner last night and breaks down what went wrong for Colorado.

The Chicago Blackhawks, David Backes, and why on-ice chirping from players is so frequent

Justin Bourne looks at the comments directed at David Backes after he received an illegal blow.

Supplementary discipline in the playoffs needs to improve

Ryan Lambert weighs in on the supplementary discipline that's been handed out in playoffs.

Why calling off Tampa Bay's goal in the second period was the right call

Justin Bourne weighs in on Tampa's unfortunate no goal call from last night's game.

How much are playoff tickets around the league?

Looking at the cost of attending an NHL playoff game in 16 cities.

Systems Analyst: Tampa's tough reads, and how Dale Weise found himself alone in front in overtime

Justin Bourne breaks down the Montreal Canadiens overtime winner against Tampa Bay from Wednesday night.

Why Sidney Crosby and the Penguins need to avoid engaging the Blue Jackets after whistles

Justin Bourne explains why the Penguins need to avoid the crap between the whistles against Columbus.

The 2013-14 NHL Awards: A transparent look at one voter’s ballot

Justin Bourne is a member of the Professional Hockey Writer's Association. Here is how he voted for this year's NHL Awards.

Predicting the outcomes of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals

Justin Bourne looks at the matchups in the Eastern Conference, and makes his predictions.

Predicting the outcomes of the Western Conference quarterfinals

Justin Bourne looks at the Western Conference matchups, and predicts his winners.

2014 Jersey Aesthetics: Ranking the 8 first-round playoff series on visual pleasure

Justin Bourne looks at the 2014 playoffs,and ranks the matchups based on jersey aesthetics.