“Right now” might not be a necessary part of the title.

A number of columns have been written today that don’t exactly paint the once-lovable Tim Thomas in a positive light.

His decision to skip the Bruins visit to the White House has set off a mini media firestorm, which Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe poured gas on today. His column “Team is Used to Thomas’ Ways“ brought to light that the perception of Thomas in the B’s dressing room may not be what most of us thought it was.

The quote

 “[Expletive] selfish [expletive],’’ one team source said.

about Thomas was particularly illuminating.

I’ve already weighed in on Thomas – I think he should’ve been at the White House, and yes, I’m aware that our politics are not exactly in line and that has a lot of influence on that opinion (most Canadians will probably disagree with a guy who doesn’t believe in global warming and recycling, it’s in my blood).

Backhand Shelf wasn’t the only site to give an opinion on the the topic though…. holy crap, there’s a lot. Have fun, it’s a Timmy Thomas smorgasbord!


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So what do you think? Is the reaction the Thomas snub too much, or deserved?