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Chris is one of the founders of Always OUA and currently a web editor at theScore. He was the editor of theScore's University Rush blog during the 2011 season. His work can be found at The Hockey News, The Hardball Times and and whatever other projects he has roped himself into.

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Mike Smith: Paddle Assassin

Don’t make Mike Smith angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry. His stick suffered because he was made angry.

The wake for Mike Smith’s stick will be held at West Resthaven Funeral Home in Glendale on Tuesday. Donations will be accepted to be put towards scholarships for goalie paddles made in the same batch.

(Video H/T CBS EyeOnHockey)

Jordan Eberle plays hockey in honor of this blog. Were you aware?
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Parise’s first Minnesota Wild goal

It only took two games for Zach Parise to score his first goal as a member of the Minnesota Wild and it was quite nice.
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Lame opening faceoff fight is lame

Things like this are what make hockey fighting seem über-lame.
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There isn’t too much to say about the video. Basically: Holy crap what a save.
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A few wise people (*cough* me *cough*) have suggested that Vladimir Tarasenko ought to be a favorite to win the 2013 Calder Trophy. If his first game is any indication, he’ll put himself in good position to take home said award as he has two goals on his first two career shots.
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Jaromir Jagr scores for the Stars

He’s baaaaaaaack.
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