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Chris is one of the founders of Always OUA and currently a web editor at theScore. He was the editor of theScore's University Rush blog during the 2011 season. His work can be found at The Hockey News, The Hardball Times and and whatever other projects he has roped himself into.

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I’m not one to go back on a promise, but it feels fairly important that I do, because there seems to be a growing misconception over how and why this lockout is happening. It may be publicly pitting NHL against NHLPA, but in reality, the NHLPA is a necessary opponent, not a genuine one. Though I swore I was done talking about the lockout, it feels necessary to point this out.

This isn’t about Gary Bettman or Donald Fehr. This isn’t about player salaries or hotel room thread counts. This isn’t even about which teams are viable and which teams are not.

This is about owners trying to find a way to trust each other.
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Jamie McBain plays for the Carolina Hurricanes. The first time I ever heard of him my mind immediately went to the Simpsons and their famous Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired movie series. I’m not sure who plays Mendoza in my mind, but the comparison is definitely there.

As a frequent listener of the PRODcast, I was inspired by a discussion Riley and Ian had about people/bands/athletes whose name sound one way and are completely different in real life. They even went as far as citing Logan Couture as an example. He does not sound like a hockey player. He sounds like something much ritzier.

In what I think should go well, I give you five hockey players who ought to be doing something else with their lives, based on their names.
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The fun side of hockey celebrates a goal

I’ve berated you with gloom and sadness today — Gary Bettman & Teemu Selanne retiring are worthy of emotional Nicolas Cage — so I’ll take this moment during the mid-afternoon to provide you with something uplifting today.

If you are Canadian it will make you cry. If you’re American, you’ll be mildly bitter, but still get chills. If you’re a fan of anything, you will appreciate this deeply.
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I’ll level with you folks. The NHL lockout hasn’t bothered me in the slightest. The differences in my life from one year ago today to today which are pertinent to hockey are virtually negligible. The only tangible difference is I receive less angry Toronto Maple Leafs related text messages. You know who you are.

If this lockout goes on forever, so be it. I’ll live just fine. But if this lockout ends, and we never get to see Teemu Selanne play hockey again because it went on just long enough? I’ll have half a mind to burn the world to the ground.
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That smile. Gary Bettman is a saucy fellow.

It’s Thanksgiving in the land of Uncle Sam, and after yet another setback in NHL negotiations, the hockey world refuses to smile back at Gary Bettman. Not that it ever did; but it certainly seems more palpable on a day of thanks.

With people taking to the twitter machine to broadcast what they’re thankful for to the world, it is clear that nobody — literally nobody, except for maybe 30 or so very wealthy people and a couple of internet trolls — is thankful for Gary Bettman. Here is a (very) small sample of said sentiment.
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(Goin’ Backhand is a new segment at Backhand Shelf where I profile NHL Alumni)

You ought to save the best for last — or so the old adage goes. It’s only after the hardships that you fully grasp an appreciation of how fleeting a moment of greatness can be.

The lesson applies across all phases of life for all people, regardless of how you phrase the platitude; struggle yields satisfaction. Skip the trial and you lose perspective of how difficult or big those accomplishments were. You don’t want to run out your days feeling as though you’ve left something in the proverbial room.

While this may be true for the most part, some people have a knack for getting it right the first time. For Don Beaupre, in 17 NHL seasons and now 14 years as an businessman, he got it right off the hop. Twice. And there shouldn’t be any doubt over whether or not he has left anything in that room.
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We’ve hit November, and what would the month of November be without some manufactured hockey outrage? Grab your pitchforks kids, it’s time for a mutiny.

Now that we live in an NHL-free world, we must turn to other leagues to give us our daily dose of vitriol. As many of you are now avid AHL fans, several will be aware that Leafs prospect and current Toronto Marlies forward Leo Komarov has just about had his fill of the AHL during this lockout and wouldn’t mind heading back to the KHL. 11 games just about did the trick, and now he’s working with the Leafs to get back home and ensure he has the option to come back after the lockout.

Strike up the narratives.
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