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St. Louis Blues  v Columbus Blue Jackets

“No worries, guys. I got this.”

Hey friends,

Bourne’s off gallivanting in Florida for the next few days so we had our favorite friend, Mr. Scott Lewis, fill in for him on the pod today. Discussions about Rush ensued.

We discussed:

* Kevin Lowe trying to make nice with Edmonton

* Ryan White’s suspension

* Montreal’s inability to make it through a game with only one goalie

* An emotional night in Boston

* The ‘Lumbus bandwagon cannot be stopped

* The worst announcers in the NHL

* And many more rants and ramblings

You can listen to it here:


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Update: Just wanted to make something clear. It was brought to my attention in the comments, and I just saw for myself, that the wonderful Down Goes Brown recently broke down the same clip on Grantland. This was entirely unintentional as I totally missed his article and had no idea that it existed. Read his much funnier, more informed, and all-around better breakdown here.


I’ve been thinking a lot about weird stuff on the Internet and how social media and things like YouTube make weirdness so much more relevant, viable, and/or drilled into our collective consciousness. For example, I will always remember April 8th, 2013 not as the day when we moved into our new office (though we did and it is incredible) but as the day that we first heard the genius that is Accidental Racist. If you haven’t heard the song yet, stop reading this, go to YouTube, and change that. There is a hole in your life you did not even know existed that this song will fill. It is the best. I have read the lyrics around 28 times and I could go on for like 20,000 words on LL’s verse alone but I’ll spare you the inner workings of my brain.

I bring this up because in the age of YouTube and Twitter, infamy can be instantaneous. Look at the mere existence and celebrity of the Denver Nuggets’ JaVale McGee. Yeah, he had a lot of amazingly stupid plays last season (and I will love him forever for it) but the cult of JaVale lives on because of his clips being on YouTube and his utterly bizarre Twitter account.  YouTube allows crazy-ass plays to live on forever in our memories and allows us to discover plays long since forgotten (or at least ones that haven’t shown up on a Sportscentre Top10 for a couple of years).

Really, all this is just an excuse for me to talk about this play that I had totally forgotten existed that I found on YouTube and now I can’t stop watching because it’s just as densely packed with weird greatness as Accidental Racist (well, maybe not quite as much). Because we’re talking about weird, old stuff we’re of course talking about the great Patrick Roy. If you know where I’m going with this, you should be excited. Here is the play in question: Read the rest of this entry »

HNIC Open Thread: April 6th

Dear Ron MacLean:

More Don Cherry!

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drinking game day

Welp, we’re under way. Check back here for updates as they happen – if you don’t know what I’m talking about…read this

* I can’t adequately describe how much joy it brings me when each person to arrive in the office this morning walks in and, without fail, asks if Zubes & Kyle are still alive.

* There are so many people in TSN’s studio. Why do they need three desks? And poor Jennifer Hedger, making her sit all by her lonesome. Give her some company on that desk, guys. Rude.

* A lot of protesting coming from the boardroom about the ‘using the phone’ rule. Direct quote from Kyle: “We don’t know he’s looking at his phone! He could be looking at his penis for all we know!”

* An entire segment about Brian Burke. Oh, I am so sorry, boys. (Not really). Read the rest of this entry »

Phoenix Coyotes v Nashville Predators

The New Jersey Devils have acquired Steve Sullivan from the Phoenix Coyotes for a 7th round pick, speaking to their determination to have nothing but old (yet still pretty good) players on their hockey team. Sullivan joined the Coyotes this past off-season in a move that I quite liked at the time, mostly because it allowed me to wax nostalgic over Sullivan’s career, and has been a solid, if unspectacular, player for the Coyotes this year.

Sullivan had a decent season last year with the Penguins, putting up 48 points in 79 games though that could also have been a facet of playing on the Penguins. His last full season, in 2009-10 with Nashville, Sullivan scored 51 points in 82 games. This season, Sullivan has 12 points in 33 games with a -8 rating but has put up an impressive 7.91 Corsi On as well as a 1.170 Corsi QoC. Not bad. Love you, Stevey.

Colorado Avalanche v Calgary Flames

Yay? Wait, no, not yay.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired Ryan O’Byrne from the Colorado Avalanche for a 4th round draft pick because the Leafs really need more big defencemen who take a lot of penalties. O’Byrne has spent the last 3 seasons with the Avs and, this season, has four points to go along with 54 penalty minutes. He also sports a -15.1 Corsi rating on the Colorado Avalanche who, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, are not a very good hockey team.

Maybe Dave Nonis thought he was getting Ryan O’Reilly? I can’t wait to see how far ahead O’Byrne slots in ahead of Jake Gardiner on the Leafs’ depth chart.

But seriously, this is a nothing trade. O’Byrne is a pending UFA after this season and, while he will probably be used incorrectly here because Carlyle, it’s hard to get in too much of a frenzy over this one (though God knows we’ll try).

Basically this:



San Jose Sharks v Vancouver Canucks

“Game of the Night” is a feature that takes a daily look at the best game on the NHL schedule, and sets it up for you. So y’know, you should probably watch the game below. This is brought to you by the Werner Ladder Company (check out their hockey vid here), because how else do you think the bulbs in the red goal light get changed?


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