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On Friday, reports emerged that the Edmonton Oilers will not trade their No. 1 overall pick for next week’s NHL Entry Draft. Of course, this means that the Oilers will indeed select first for the third straight season.

Fans in Edmonton have obvious reason for optimism. A young core of Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jordan Eberle and say for example, Nail Yakupov, would make any fanbase giddy over the possibilities that lie ahead.

But at what point does landing a top pick year after year, or even a top-five pick, become old?

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Your odds-on favourites to win the Stanley Cup in 2013 right now

With a hockey fan’s version of the Stanley Cup Hangover slowing us down right now, it’s hard to find much of anything from this past season that we haven’t covered here already.

But it’s never too early to start looking ahead to next season, and what the odds look like for who will be crowned 2013 Stanley Cup champions one year from now.

Here are those odds, as updated as I could find them:

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A fair amount of attention has been given to the Los Angeles Kings’ post-season domination this Spring, including multiple Cup of Joe posts here at Backhand Shelf. Obviously, with those posts came the frequent mention of the historic Playoffs that goaltender Jonathan Quick enjoyed.

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What are the chances we see these guys doing this again within the next few years?

One of the downsides to this generation of social media and extreme immediacy is that more and more, it seems we are losing the ability to soak up the moment, the here and now. Instead, we must always be thinking about what the moment means for the future.

It’s no different in sports, where instead of being able to bask in the Kings’ Cup celebration for a while, a lot of us are already looking forward to what the future hold for Los Angeles’ finally triumphant hockey team.

Was their Cup clinching victory the end of a historic and truly memorable Playoff run, or was it merely the beginning of an era of Kings’ contention?

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It’s a funny thing in sports, the whole talk of “pressure” and “momentum” and how they shift from team to team.

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With the Stanley Cup Final taking a couple of days off and given the fact that a team associated with the Maple Leafs was playing for something, I was vaguely following Game 3 of the Calder Cup Final between Toronto and Norfolk on Thursday night.

In case you haven’t heard, the game ended in the most bizarre, most heart-breaking and most Maple Leafs way ever.

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Yesterday, I discussed the feeling shared by many hockey fans without a rooting interest in this series that I hoped it just ended on Wednesday night. Adam Henrique put those plans on hold with yet another big goal from the rookie in these Playoffs, and that’s okay, because Game 5 has the better story lines anyway.

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