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During Tuesday night’s game between the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers, Rangers’ defenseman Marc Staal was hit directly in the eye by a Kimmo Timonen slapshot.

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Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers

Patrick Kaleta has a history of being a menace, and not in a delightful way like Mr. Wilson’s cartoon neighbour. He’s a menace in a different way, the kind of way that often leaves opponents writhing on the ice in pain (he’s been suspended by the NHL multiple times).

On Sunday night, Kaleta decided to cross the line yet again. This time his victim was New York Rangers’ centre Brad Richards.

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Toronto Maple Leafs  v Montreal Canadiens

Toronto Maple Leaf forward Nazem Kadri is known more for his silky mitts than for his physical play, but this hit on Montreal Canadiens defenseman Alexei Emelin was truly a thing of beauty.

Ouch…he hit him so hard it actually hurt my feelings.

In case you’re wondering, the Leafs obliterated the Habs 6-0.

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Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks

The end of hockey night in Canada: As a Habs fan, hockey day in Canada was a complete bust. The Canadiens really never kicked it into gear and were buried by an avalanche of Leaf goals. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drown my sorrows in cheap domestic beer.

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Post-Game: Roberto Luongo. The Best.

End of Game: The Vancouver Canucks ran roughshod over the Calgary Flames 5-1. Canucks’ forward Jordan Schroeder was the obvious first star after notching the first two goals of his career.

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*I need to preface this post by admitting that it may be filled with bias and hyperbole…that’s right folks, I am a die-hard Habs fan.*

For weeks (and I guess months if you count pre-lockout), I have been agonizing over the game of chicken that was being played between P.K. Subban’s agent Don Meehan and Montreal Canadiens rookie GM Marc Bergevin. I mean it wasn’t bad enough that I was losing sleep or that food had lost all flavour, but as a Habs fan, there was a feeling of dread that occasionally washed over me. A feeling of dread swimming with thoughts of a trade or possibly a full-season holdout.

Even a small and deranged part of my brain prayed for an offer sheet from another team just so we would see an end to this saga.

Well gang we finally have a result, and I gotta say, I’m grinning pretty huge right now.

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Guess what guys, Alexander Ovechkin actually scored a goal and the Washington Capitals won their first game of the season.

I know…I’m scared too.

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