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As we slide into what will hopefully be a more competitive Stanley Cup Final than any other series the Kings have played thus far, I want to broach something that has managed to be constantly discussed while never actually being effectively addressed. There is a serious problem in the NHL right now: the standards of officiating are inadequate. I don’t think it’s because the refs are actually incapable of doing their job. The problem is that refs are used to doing their job in their own way, with far less oversight and accountability than you think. Read the rest of this entry »

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Making your hockey team better is really, really hard. Making money in the stock market is really, really hard. Everyone wants a better hockey team and they get paid a lot of money to obsess about it all day. Financial wizards lose their shirts in the market, and intelligent men make stupid trades that hurt their hockey teams. In my opinion, the most successful GMs tend to be the ones that are able to effectively buy low and sell high, but it’s not because some GMs are aware of the strategy and others aren’t. It’s because it’s really, really hard to buy low and sell high, as anyone who trades stocks will tell you.

Buying low means spending your resources to get something that everyone thinks is shitty. You have to buy a player that is coming off injury with a big question mark beside his name, a goalie that just got lit up for a season, a guy who is rumoured to be shitty in the dressing room, etc. This is one of the crucial bits of information that the “buy low, sell high” mantra is based on: buying low involves buying something that nobody wants, and there are usually perfectly valid reasons why nobody wants it. Not only that, but you have limited resources so you have to choose this shitty stock rather than going after one of the ones that everyone thinks is destined for greatness.

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Welcome to the pilot episode of Guess the Suspension, the new game show where we look at a few controversial incidents from the NHL and try to figure out if an action is worthy of suspension, and if so, how many games?   Each episode will feature a fun trick you can use to help win future games.  I’m your host, Howard “The Kandy Man” Kanderton.  Get out a piece of paper and a pencil at home, because we can all play this from the comfort of our computer chairs!  Now let’s get started! And remember… if you figure out the trick, don’t spoil it for other people. 

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There are passionate arguments on both sides of The Great Tampa Trap Debate of 2011 but I’m going to explain why I think the people defending Tampa here are wrong.  It comes down to 1) a distinction you have to draw between fighting to win at all costs and fighting to win and to entertain, and 2) setting a precedent has consequences beyond those in the short term.

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