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The NHL Zoo

The NHL is a crazy place filled with a variety of interesting characters.  It’s tough to keep track of all of them, so we’ve put together this easy guide to all of the attractions you’ll see when you visit the NHL Zoo!

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Last night the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Los Angeles Kings in a preseason game played at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. As you may recall, those very same Pittsburgh Penguins almost moved to Kansas City a few years ago before plans to build the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh were finalized. The Nashville Predators were also linked to Kansas City a few years ago. The New York Islanders have been talked about as well.

Yesterday’s game was officially a sell out, though strangely enough it was not televised.

Would NHL hockey work in Kansas City?

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So Stephen Marche has offended the people of Toronto. Today on Grantland.com he posted an article calling Toronto “The Worst Sports City in the World.” That’s not the first time that a phrase along those lines has been uttered in regards to “the Centre of the Universe.” In June ESPN The Magazine considered Toronto “the worst city in North America for pro sports.”

Of course Grantland.com is run by Bill Simmons of ESPN.com. So apparently ESPN isn’t too fond of Toronto. Torontonians are used to that. A lot of people hate Toronto.

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A lot of words come to mind when you think about the NHL Winter Classic: “Spectacle,” “Picturesque,” “Impressive” and “Overblown” are just a few of them. “Anger” and “Hatred” don’t usually come to mind. But the 2012 Winter Classic might be different. That’s not really very surprising when you consider who’s involved.

The NHL has put some big rivalries into the outdoor game recently, including Chicago versus Detroit and Pittsburgh versus Washington, but you could still never call the game hate-filled. There has always been an aura of fantasy and fun surrounding the Winter Classic. But that could change quickly.

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Most players wouldn’t consider 85 points in 79 games a disappointment but most players aren’t Alexander Ovechkin. Ovechkin finished seventh in league scoring last season with 32 goals in 53 assists. Those were the lowest point totals of his NHL career. The 32-goal season was by far Ovechkin worst in that department. His previous season low was 46 goals in 2006-2007. His career high was 65 goals the following season. Compared to those staggering numbers, Ovechkin looked downright ordinary last season.

There was a lot of speculation about what was wrong with Ovechkin last year and many people pointed towards the Capitals new-found commitment to defense. One of those people is Neil Greenberg of the Capitals Insider blog at the Washington Post. In a recent blog post he asks “Is Alex Ovechkin an elite scorer or just a good shooter?”

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How The NHL Looked 15 Years Ago

As the current NHL season rapidly approaches, we’re hearing back to the past and taking a look at what the NHL looked like in years gone by. We’ve already seen what the league was wearing 25 years ago so now we’re jumping forward a decade and checking out what the NHL looked like 15 years ago.

It was the 1996-1997 season and the original Winnipeg Jets had just moved to Phoenix to become the Coyotes. They did so wearing some of the strangest uniforms that the league had seen up until that point. Not only did they have a Pablo Picasso-like coyote as the logo, but they also had strange Aztec trim that made the jersey look very odd.

But this wasn’t the strangest jersey in the league that season. It wasn’t even close. The 1996-97 season may have been one of the ugliest periods of NHL history.

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Another Sidney Crosby Update

Because it’s been a while since we had a press conference with Sidney Crosby and his doctors, this seems like as good of a time as any to have another Sidney Crosby update. As you know, the last time we heard anything official on Sidney Crosby’s health it was Christmas and Sidney was a Ferrari… or something.

Since training camp opened, Crosby has been practicing with the Penguins in a non-contact role. He’s been wearing a white helmet in practice to distinguish the fact that he can’t take contact because, according to Penguins announcer Paul Steigerwald during yesterday’s preseason game, he didn’t want to wear a red jersey. These details are all very important we’re sure.

However, today Crosby didn’t practice. Cue the dramatic music.

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