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More Realignment Talk

As soon as the Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg we started talking about realignment. It’s already known that the Jets will be moving out of the Southeast Division after this season, but only recently has the NHL sat down to actually discuss the league realignment plan. The NHL Board of Governors’ first formal discussions on realignment took place yesterday and the goal is to have a plan in place by December.

“Obviously we have to make arrangements to move Winnipeg west, and we had an opportunity to explore the issues,” Commissioner Gary Bettman told NHL.com. “No conclusions were reached, but it’s something I’m hopeful we can resolve at the December meeting.”

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There was a lot of excitement last night as the new Winnipeg Jets played their first preseason game in Winnipeg. There was significantly less excitement in Columbus as the other halves of the Jets and the Blue Jackets took to the ice at nearly the same time. Whose idea was that anyway?

Regardless, we’re betting that there will be even more excitement on October 9, when the Jets play their first regular season game against the Montreal Canadiens at home. But will the new Jets get to play their first playoff game this year as well?

It’s no secret that the Atlanta Thrashers weren’t a very successful hockey team. They qualified for the playoffs only once in their history and they were swept in the first round. It’s no wonder the team struggled to attract fans and sell tickets. Last season it looked like they would actually contend for a playoff spot, but that fell apart rather quickly as the season went on. Will this year be any different?

As we’ve learned in Edmonton, Toronto, Minnesota and others, playing in a hockey mad city isn’t enough to make you a contender.

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New Goal Songs for a New Season

The new NHL season is upon us and we’re excited. We’re excited enough that pretty much anything to do with hockey will ignore almost anything else in our lives and pay attention.

Goal songs are a big part of the NHL arena experience. Teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and the New York Rangers have shown us the importance of having a song that simultaneously pumps up your own fans and annoys the opposition to no end. As the new season is here, some teams have decided to change their goal songs. A few have even let the fans have some input.

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How The NHL Looked 25 Years Ago

As we prepare for the start of the 2011-2012 season, we can’t help but look back at seasons past. We also love talking about jersey designs, as you’ve probably noticed from previous posts. Today we’re going to head back a quarter of a century and see how the NHL looked 25 years ago. This how the 1986-1987 NHL season looked.

In the image above you can see Jimmy Carson of the Los Angeles Kings celebrating a goal against the Hartford Whalers. Carson is perhaps most famously known as one of the players who was sent to Edmonton in exchange for Wayne Gretzky. You’ll also notice that neither team is wearing white at this game. The Kings had gold home jerseys and they wore purple on the road. The Whalers, of course, were wearing their distinctive green uniforms with the classic logo on the front.

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Whether you’re looking for more money, a different contract length, a promise of increased ice time or just more love from your team, you’ve decided to hold out for a new contract. Well, you’re not the first person to try this tactic. Does it work? Will it damage your relationship with your teammates? Will it pay off?

Find the answers to these questions and many more as we look back at some other players who have held out for a new contract!

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Teemu Selanne will continue his NHL career in Anaheim for at least one more season. The 41-year-old forward has signed a one year, $4 million contract with the Ducks. We’re pretty sure this move was done to ensure that Jaromir Jagr won’t get all of the “this guy is old and he’s skill scoring goals” coverage this season.

Selanne had a very impressive 31 goals and 49 assists last season for a total of 80 points in 73 games with Anaheim. Last year he became the oldest player to score a hat trick since 1980. He finished 8th in scoring, tied with Henrik Zetterberg and only five points behind Alex Ovechkin.

If it was up to us Selanne would never retire.

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Rule one of the NHL’s new social media policy: All blog posts and articles on this subject must begin with a photo of Paul Bissonnette.

Yesterday the news broke that the NHL is planning on implementing a social media policy for the upcoming season. The policy certainly makes sense. Other North American professional sports leagues and most companies have similar policies so it’s understandable that the NHL would follow in their footsteps.

However, we were all still a little confused as to what the policy would actually contain. Sure, we already know about the “social media blackout window before, during and after games, as well as during practice and any other team obligations,” but what else would be in it?

Would it prevent any future #DanEllisProblems? Would it stop former players from getting into arguments with angry fans? Would Daniel Carcillo ever be allowed near a phone or a computer again?

We have no idea, so we looked to the best possible way to find accurate information available today: Twitter. Somewhere in between Tweets about Scarlett Johansson and the little girls proclaiming their love for Justin Bieber, we found the #NHLsocialmediapolicy hashtag and all of our problems were solved.

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