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If Jaromir Jagr has proven anything to the hockey world this season, it’s that he can still play this game. Last night he picked up his 44th point of the season, but more importantly it was the 1642nd point of his career to move him past Joe Sakic into 8th on the all time points list. His resume is one that about 98% of players who have played in this league would envy. 2 Stanley Cups, 5 scoring titles, a Hart Trophy, an Olympic gold, and more highlight goals than you can count. However there are still some things in Jagr’s career I would love to change. I would love to pull a Biff Tannen and steal the delorean to go back in time and make some changes (OK, I know that didn’t turn out so well and Marty and the Doc had to fix everything, but a man can dream can’t he? By the way, I’m watching all three Back to the Futures this weekend now)

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The title of this post gives further proof that pretty much everything in life can be traced back to an episode of Seinfeld, but if you have no idea what I am talking about, you may want to click here. This season in the NHL has been no different than so many in the past; certain teams have overachieved, and some have let their fans down. And just like every year there seems to be a point where things get a bit…let’s call it wacky, and that point happens at the stroke of midnight when the year changes. We are in now in March and the year 2012 has been kind to certain teams, and downright mean to others. Let’s take a look:

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Take a look at the Western conference standings and you shouldn’t be too surprised to see Vancouver and Detroit occupying the top 2 spots, but Phoenix at number three may cause you to give your head a shake. I know they are only in the number 3 seed because they are a division leader, but the run they are on is still impressive. They are 11-0-1 in the month of February with goalie Mike Smith leading the way with his career-best and franchise-record winning streak of 11 games. They have outscored their opponents 35-19, picked up 2 shutouts, and along the way beat the top 2 teams in the NHL (Detroit and Vancouver). Haven’t we heard this before?? Oh yeah, just last season when the Coyotes strung together 8 straight wins in February to climb up the standings.

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You would be surprised to see the similarities between the day after trade deadline day, and a morning after a night of drinking/partying.  This year is no different. You stumble out of bed confused, parts of your body hurt and you have no idea why, and you find yourself scanning the room for clues of what might have happened the day before. A couple of minutes later you begin mumbling things to yourself like “I can’t believe that happened”, or “I hope he is OK” and “water….I NEED water”. The inevitable text comes soon after from your friends inviting you to your favourite breakfast spot  to help turn the day around. This is where you can not only rehash, but more importantly clarify what the hell happened. In between bites of bacon, the following conversation starters would be said by someone at the table…

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Is the title too over dramatic? It IS after all a guy traded to the Kings that can score goals. I guess the difference is when Gretzky was traded to the Kings, he was crying tears of sadness at leaving the city he had won championships, set records, and made lifelong friendships with. If Carter cried, it would clearly be tears of joy. Even though he denied requesting a trade earlier this season, he clearly wanted out of Columbus. Let’s not forget he signed an 11-year contract with the Flyers then was quickly sent to one of the worst teams in hockey. Would you be happy?

When his career is all said and done, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who picks Columbus when Jeff Carter is brought up while playing the Jersey Game (If you don’t know what the Jersey game is, it can be broken down like this: 1) close eyes 2) say players name 3) quickly say the first jersey you picture him in 4) watch guys get angry and offended at other peoples answers) .

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Yesterday news came out that Lebron James gets someone to cut his steak up for him at restaurants. Unfortunately in life there are two periods when this must be done for you: when you are a child, or when you are an elderly and can’t do it yourself; Lebron is neither! Of course when hilarious news like this goes public, twitter goes a little bit crazy and I noticed the responses fell into one of the three categories: Sarcastic (the lifeblood of twitter), surprised, and angry. I was  stunned that people were surprised at the fact that Lebron had such a request. I wasn’t surprised for 2 reasons:

1)      This was after all Lebron “Tomorrow they go back to the real world, They go back to their jobs and problems” James

2)      I just assumed that most rich pro athletes have these silly spoiled quirks

Was I wrong to make this assumption? They have more money than they can spend, and have been pretty much been spoon fed since they turned pro. In my mind, this is a regular occurrence for most of these guys, and yes I am including hockey players. And since we don’t always hear about them, I am forced to make them up in my mind.

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I know I’m not supposed to like the guy, but I do. I really have no idea why,  seeing he has given us so many reasons to hate him, but I find myself smiling every time he does…well…anything. Read the rest of this entry »