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While advanced statistics aren’t likely to inspire Michael Lewis to write a book on any of the handful of NHL teams that have begun to rely upon them to build their rosters, it’s become increasingly challenging for the anti-stats set to find a viable argument against the use of them for evaluation of talent. We’re probably still a few years away from your local Statler and Waldorf from tossing a “Corsi” or “GVT” around in a Monday morning Tim Horton’s hockey conversation, but the work that guys like Gabriel Desjardins have been doing for a few years has penetrated both mainstream hockey coverage and NHL executive offices.

James Mirtle penned two excellent pieces on advanced metrics at the Globe and Mail over the weekend, including an article examining the challenges that hockey’s sabermetrics have faced in catching on across the board, and a second article on the half-dozen or so NHL teams that have integrated ‘fancy stats’ into how they evaluate players. Both are well worth a read, even if the term “Moneypuck” is entirely insufferable.

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The Offseason made its debut on theScore Thursday evening. In the event that you missed the premiere, we’ve got it all here broken down into three segments.


The Offseason takes a look at how some of the best young stars in the game spend their summer. Steven Stamkos, Jeff Skinner and James Neal are just some of the players who come to train with former NHL star Gary Roberts in order to get to the next level. In part one see how a change in Gary’s life impacted the rest of his career, and how he now spends his time helping change the careers of young athletes.

The Offseason Part I

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The Philadelphia Flyers and Detroit Red Wings met at London, Ontario’s John Labatt Centre on Thursday night for an exhibition game. The scene at these neutral site exhibition games is often one of pure fan jubilance, but a despicable incident during the shootout would serve as an unsought reminder of one of hockey’s demons. A fan tossed a banana peel from the upper deck directly into the path of Wayne Simmonds as he skated towards the goal.

For the uninitiated, it takes a special kind of ignorant inhuman piece of shit to draw and act upon the racist connection between a banana and a black man. As much as we like to think that hockey has become a much more culturally diverse game in the last 20 years, it hasn’t. The NHL is still made up of roughly 93% white men. Hockey hasn’t shaken its label as a ‘white man’s game’ and Thursday’s incident in London called out our naivety for thinking we were beyond this type of ignorance.

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We might as well have some fun with the idea, too. If you haven’t taken a look at the NFL’s use of Jamal Charles’ torn ACL to promote fantasy football, then head on over to Goal-Line Stand to get an idea where we’re coming from with the Photoshop above.

The question on a lot of people’s minds following Mike Modano’s retirement announcement was: will he be able to patch things up with his former team and retire as a member of the Dallas Stars? This Pierre LeBrun tweet should tell you all you need to know:

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Brendan Shanahan will face his first test as NHL disciplinarian thanks to Jody Shelley’s dirty hit from behind on Toronto’s Darryl Boyce Wednesday night. This particular incident really had it all. You have Shelley laying some body into Bozak’s numbers, clearly a hit from behind… but wait… we also have players policing themselves as Jay Rosehill steps in to toss some knuckles with Shelley. Who needs a disciplinarian?

Shelley was suspended for two games last December for a similar hit on Boston’s Adam McQuaid, not to mention he was handed another suspension less than two weeks later for a sucker punch. The man’s an animal, or he just really likes two day vacations. Either way, Shanahan will have a chance to showcase his disciplinary style today.

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Mike Modano is ready to call it a career at the age of 41. The 21-year NHL veteran announced his decision to walk away from the game via his Twitter account, which directed folks to his Facebook page.

Via Mike Modano’s Facebook athlete page:

“After a long summer of thinking about my future, I’ve come to the decision that it’s time to retire as a player from the NHL. There’s way too many people to thank here at this time and too much to say, so I have a press conference scheduled for early Friday afternoon. Check back Friday late afternoon for more. What a great ride it’s been!”

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