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The Dump and Chase: 7/27/2011

Nikolai Khabibulin has taught us a valuable lesson: when you own a Ferrari, driving with a blood-alcohol content that’s over twice the legal limit is a poor decision.

Actually, the Oilers goalie demonstrated that valuable life lesson in February of 2010 in Arizona. On Wednesday he finally dropped his appeal and agreed to serve a 30-day jail sentence. Half of that sentence will be served in Arizona, and Khabibulin will have an ankle bracelet on while under house arrest for the other half.

In addition to the jail time, Khabibulin will also pay a fine of $4,016.60 and participate in an alcohol treatment program.

The good news(?) for Oilers fans is that the 38-year-old is excited to prepare for training camp and provide another season of mediocre goaltending.

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We’re not sure what prompted this friendly little exchange between Jeremy Roenick and a fan at a recent celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, but we’re going to guess it involved an alcoholic liquid of some kind.

The short and poorly shot video below–also a product of the alcoholic liquid–shows Roenick granting a fan permission to deliver a swift left hook to his jaw. While the lucky fan didn’t exactly wind up haymaker style, it wasn’t a little love tap either, and the impact is definitely audible.

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The Dump and Chase: 7/26/11

Yashin still won’t go away

In fact, now he’s moved in. Although his agent Mark Gandler said contract discussions haven’t advanced since the Islanders’ interest in Yashin first became public on Friday, he did tell the New York Post that those discussions are ongoing, and the line of communication with Garth Snow remains very, very open.

Yashin has even started to get comfortable in his old surroundings after crossing the pond to start training at the Islanders’ facilities.

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Tomorrow Kris Draper is reportedly set to say his tearful good-bye to the NHL at a press conference, and when he does hockey will lose its last link to a wild and bloodied era of Red Wings hockey.

We’ll be witnessing the end of the Grind Line.

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For all the wonders of the Internet, it sure has made a night on the town a real pain for celebrities. This includes athletes, especially two prominent hockey players in a passionate sports city.

Today the players whose frat house boozing may have included a few too many brown bottles are Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, and the city–now their former hockey city–is of course Philadelphia. Only a short time ago Carter and Richards were the cornerstones of the Flyers, with Richards wearing the captain’s “C.” Facing minimal wiggle room against the cap and needing to finally secure a reliable goalie (Ilya Bryzgalov), general manager Paul Holmgren dealt Carter to Columbus, and Richards to Los Angeles.

But a report emerged this morning in which two unnamed former teammates said that the Flyers’ front office was disappointed in the frequently lubricated lifestyles of Carter and Richards, and their disappointment heavily influenced the decision to trade the two players. Since then some Interweb rumours have also indicated that Carter and Richards were true champions, and were drinking while on prescription pain medication.

So is there truth to any of this? Probably not, but it makes for mildly entertaining late July hockey tabloid fodder.

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The Dump and Chase: 7/25/2011

At this point we’re convinced that you could hand Alex Ovechkin any item of clothing, and he’d happily try it on. We fear that this theory will be tested and stretched to its logical extreme, and we’re getting pretty close to that inevitable outcome.

The Russian Hockey Machine Never Breaks explains the lovely black ensemble we see above that Ovi wore in his native land over the weekend:

Alex the Great made a surprise appearance during halftime of a soccer match between the Russian Premier League club Anzhi and the defending Russian champions Zenit Saint Petersburg. The local team, Anzhi, honored their guest by presenting him with a traditional Dagestani burka (cape) and papakha (wool hat), as well as the Anzhi supporters scarf. All of these items fit extremely well with one ever-present feature of Alex summer wardrobe — his flip-flops, as reported live by the official Zenit Twitter. Ovi was received with a deafening roar from the stands, with the soccer-themed chants temporarily replaced by the famous Russian hockey call of “Shaibu-Shaibu!”

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Is there some plague in Russia specifically targeting hockey players that we don’t know about? If there is we imagine it would be very biblical in its gradual take down of the Russian hockey hierarchy, and it would be a green oozing air that spreads across the land.

Only Charlton Heston can save players from its wrath, which explains why Jaromir Jagr has bolted from the KHL to Philadelphia, why Alexei Yashin is considering a comeback, and why the Islanders are actually entertaining the idea of bringing Yashin back.

The exodus will continue with Evgeni Nabokov, the banished former Sharks goalie who tried to escape last year but was blocked by the Islanders.

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