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Fun trade deadline day fact: last year we played a drinking game leading up to it at the old office (well, Archi Zuber and Kyle Smith did), and James Duthie of TSN helped us attempt to put the boys under.

Once again for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video of that experience:

duthie pic

Howdy y’all! The Backhand Shelf Trade Deadline Drinking Game video, featuring our two brave friends Archi Zuber and Kyle Smith, is up and ready to watch.

We hope you enjoy – we know we did: Read the rest of this entry »

As you’re likely aware, Backhand Shelf did a trade deadline day drinking game. And I don’t mean like, we wrote some hypothetical rules. I mean two dudes actually parked themselves in a small, sweaty room and followed through. It was excellent.

The nine hours of footage are going to take awhile to parse, so for now…a teaser. Here are the rules, here’s the running diary from the day.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Winnipeg Jets

You know how the trade deadline is. Hell, you know how sports coverage in general is, of which I’m a part: thing happens, instant reaction, definitive statements. “The Penguins were the big deadline winners,” “Tampa Bay should fire Yzerman after that deal,” “the Predators got great return in their trade,” yada yada yada. (“I mentionnned the bisque.”)

But as with all trades, it’s almost impossible to know who won and who lost for a decade-plus. We don’t know what the teams will end up doing with the draft picks, we don’t know which rookies will have storied careers, and we don’t know which veterans have more gas in the tank.

So without further ado – and that seemed like a whole bunch of ado – let’s look at the major deals from yesterday and assess the knowns and unknowns. From guarantees to guesses, here’s what unfolded yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »

duthie deadline

By now most people are aware that here at theScore offices today, we have a couple gentleman partaking in a deadline day drinking game, watching TSN. You can read more about it here, but you get the gist: every time someone on camera checks their phone, drink. Every time someone says “upside,” or “rental, etc, drink. James Duthie heard about our game…

…and set out to kill:

The following ensued: Read the rest of this entry »

Nashville Predators v Detroit Red Wings

The Washington Capitals waited almost two hours after the deadline to announce the acquisition of forward Martin Erat from the Nashville Predators in exchange for prospect Filip Forsberg. In the deal, Washington will also receive former third round pick in 2009, Michael Latta.

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drinking game day

Welp, we’re under way. Check back here for updates as they happen – if you don’t know what I’m talking about…read this

* I can’t adequately describe how much joy it brings me when each person to arrive in the office this morning walks in and, without fail, asks if Zubes & Kyle are still alive.

* There are so many people in TSN’s studio. Why do they need three desks? And poor Jennifer Hedger, making her sit all by her lonesome. Give her some company on that desk, guys. Rude.

* A lot of protesting coming from the boardroom about the ‘using the phone’ rule. Direct quote from Kyle: “We don’t know he’s looking at his phone! He could be looking at his penis for all we know!”

* An entire segment about Brian Burke. Oh, I am so sorry, boys. (Not really). Read the rest of this entry »