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There’s no shortage of 24/7 reviews out there these days, and the general consensus seems to be that the first episode was on the slow-and-boring side (with great cinematography!), and HEY DION PHANEUF OWNS BOWTIES. Personally, I thought it was a solid stage-setter. “Here’s the characters you’ll need to know.”

My plan today is to focus on the hockey side, but I’d still like to register my quips with the DoPS (Department of Player Sarcasm) because that’s half the fun of watching these shows.

So, in rough chronological order, the things that caught my eye from hour one of 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic.

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Giroux: "Ugh, it's super intimidating facing someone so high up the faceoff rankings! I hope I can save face!"

While the all-time best episode of HBO’s 24/7 likely remains episode three of Capitals/Penguins, I thought we got one of our better shows to date last night.

Sure, it lacked the “big” moment, like Bryzgalov being a psycho or Ben Lovejoy’s face blowing up on the plane, but the hockey aspect of it was fantastic. We really got to compare and contrast the coaching styles of Peter Laviolette and John Tortorella, and we got some great quotes.

Here are the highlights from last nights episode:

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The first episode of HBO’s 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic was absolutely everything I hoped it would be.

It came out of the gates hard – closeups of scars, missing teeth and tattoos, with the always awesome commentator Liev Schreiber explaining that The Game “engraves its way onto the body, and envelops the soul.” I mean….right? How poetic is that?

What follows are my thoughts on everything that stood out to me, and of course, the things that stood out to everyone, ie. everything Ilya Bryzgalov said.

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