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When this post went live, It had been exactly 185 days, 12 hours and 12 minutes since the conclusion of the last National Hockey League game. This, primarily being a National Hockey League-centric blog, has been reeling from the effects of the lockout with so little original content to parse through.

I have a few thoughts today to offer, most of which result from things that the Edmonton Oilers seem to have done lately. This video (featuring the hockey blogosphere’s own Bruce McCurdy!) circled the net yesterday evening. It reinforces the possibility that, hm, maybe the Edmonton Oilers do want to find people to help them understand the analytical side of hockey. As Kevin Lowe is quoted as saying in the video:

“Quite frankly, I don’t have enough hours in the day to be experimenting with stuff that we didn’t think would hopefully be beneficial.”

Translated, that just means Kevin Lowe doesn’t want his time to be wasted researching things about hockey. Naturally, the Oilers aren’t the team that best fits the mould of new thinking. They’ve finished 30th, 30th and 29th over the last three seasons, so either the team is asking the wrong questions or they aren’t putting a lot of stock into what the four-man panel turns up.

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The Oilers have been, for quite some time now, pretty terrible. That’s attested by their fleet of unbelievable young talent, attained only by finishing so far down the standings for so long that they kept sneaking into the draft lottery. This team has seen enough struggle, and wants to win. So they’re going to give this whole advanced stats thing a go…by holding a fan-based contest.

This, from their website:

Edmonton Oilers fans and analytics experts have a chance to become insiders with the team, help the team win games and capture some cool prizes in a unique contest. The club is opening its analytical information vault to launch Oilers Hackathon 2.0. Contestants will look at the data and determine the best methodology to solve questions posed by the Oilers.

In addition to bragging rights and a chance to peruse and develop the Oilers data from as far back as 1979, the grand prizes include a position on the analytics team and a behind the scenes game night experience including watching the game from the catwalk with hockey management! Read the rest of this entry »