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It has to be hard to call a Panthers game these days. Florida is dead last in the NHL, and last night they were also down 7-2 to the Winnipeg Jets so hey…things are bound to go off the rails.

The go over four minutes of actual game play with out addressing the game being played. It’s excellent. Instead, they focused on Winnipeg Fun Facts, such as:

* It’s the slurpee capital of the world (400,000 a month, apparently)

Based on actual volume? Say, Los Angeles doesn’t drink more? Dallas? Miami? New York? Chicago?

* It’s the coldest North American city over 600,000 people

A true honour.

* It’s the first place to use crash test dummies

The band?


(Stick-tap to Paul Brothers)

I’m a Canadian guy living in the US, so I’m quite familiar with the work of most national broadcasters. I love Bob Cole and Harry Neal (“Great save by…the goalie!”), and usually I love Jim Hughson. Now that I’m in the US, I get a lot of Doc Emrick, who is a whole bunch of fantastic himself (“Waffleboarded into the corner by Brodeur!”).

When Anze Kopitar scored the OT winner in Game 1 it, Emrick owned the moment. You could see the play unfolding, so the announcers had time to get excited as things developed. It’s not as fun when some surprise garbage goal goes in – this one gave us the rising action and the climax.

Jim Hughson’s call on CBC wasn’t exactly electric though. He sounded like a one of the bias broadcasters that sounds openly disappointed when their team gets scored on. You know the ones – if their team scores: “And the shot from the point, HE SCOOOOORRRRESSSS!” If the other team scores: “And the shot from the point …scores.”

Hughson builds up to the goal pretty well, but aren’t you supposed to get a little excited about a breakaway overtime winner in the Stanley Cup Final?

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