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Lennart Petrell, bein' mental on fellow crappy player Rod Pelley.

About a month ago, I spent a few weeks toying around with a project that attempted to identify firmly, objectively, and catagorically the worst forwards in the NHL. It didn’t work out, mostly because, while I am an ardent supporter of the fancystats revolution, there are still a lot of issues to be resolved involving how one should weight various pieces of data against each other, particularly where a broad and somewhat subjective term like ‘worst’ is involved. Make up a big chart with all the columns, your Corsis and Fenwicks and zonestarts and qualcomps and this-that-and-the-others, and you can get a pretty decent idea in your own mind of who the worst players are, but proving certainly that this one is worse than that one is a difficult thing.

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Theo Fleury is back in the news again, but thankfully this time it’s not because he’s attempting another NHL comeback. Instead, he’s embarking on a new career: country music.

He’ll be making his live debut Friday night on an appropriate stage, opening for Johnny Reid in the same arena in which he was a star for the Calgary Flames: the Saddledome. The capricious Fleury claims this isn’t just a one-off performance or a novelty, but a long time passion that he plans to take “as far as it’ll go.” To that end, he and his band are intending to record an album later this year.

If you’ve been paying attention, this move shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

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Coming to a front office near you

Lost in the insanity of the playoff races across the NHL this offseason have been the various job searches taking place. One job that comes with great power and thus great responsibility is the GM position of the Montreal Canadiens. Several people have tried and failed in years past, they’ve turned aside various folks in their current efforts to take things over, and now, it appears, we are down to our final three.

1) Marc Bergevin currently of the Chicago Blackhawks
2) Julien BriseBois currently of the Tampa Bay Lightning
3) Pierre McGuire of NBC

Yes, that Pierre McGuire.
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I have no witty caption for this.

If you were like me 24 hours ago you were searching to high heaven for additional insights that will help push your March Madness bracket over the top. Obviously it’s one thing if you’re actually a college basketball fan (I am) but it’s another if you just watch casually and do it for kicks/to win money from your friends (I do both).

Alexander Ovechkin is the latest to have a bracket come out publicly courtesy of Joel Ward’s Twitter account, and it is truly the Connect Four of brackets as far as I can tell.

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Who do they think he is? Ron Wilson?

It’s a fun year to be Pierre Gauthier no? Not only has his team been a total disaster on the ice, he has fired a scapegoat (Perry Pearn), fired a head coach (Jacques Martin), traded his top winger (Mike Cammalleri) and dealt with general downers in injuries to Brian Gionta, Andrei Markov (NO WAY, MARKOV HURT?!), and the stellar play of Scott Gomez (couldn’t do that with a straight face).

Given that he’s not the most personable guy you’ve ever seen, it goes without saying that when Gauthier explains what just happened/is happening to the press and fans, it doesn’t always go over too well. That coupled with how reasonable the Montreal media at large is, something I’m sure Jose Theodore and his family will attest to, it makes for a great cocktail of family entertainment for hockey fans every where.

Unfortunately for him, Pierre Gauthier decided to duck the Montreal press regarding the return of Andrei Markov tonight and told the Habs’ Hamilton Bulldog radio affiliate instead. It got especially confusing since most outlets began reporting that Markov was simply “on the roster” and not necessarily playing. Luckily for us, the folks in beautiful, breezy Hamilton heard the news first and passed it along.

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Just your average dude

Hockey has been poaching fans from other industries and sports lately in case you haven’t noticed. Many of our Toronto readers surely know that the Toronto Blue Jays have become big hockey fans, forming Team Unit with their Maple Leafs brethren as one example of the crossover and bond.

On that note, it appears as though Chad Ochocinco of Cincinnati Bengals fame, currently of the New England Patriots, is the latest person of considerable celebrity to make the transition into hockey fandom.

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Cory Schneider isn't very old

The one thing to take away from this is thank every deity the Winnipeg Jets are back (sorry, Thrashers fans), because the fact there are NHLers whose knowledge of classic teams is restricted to retro video games – I’m looking at you, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

Don’t believe me? Cory Schneider’s memory of the real Jets is playing them in NHL 94 on the Sega Genesis which for the record was WAYYYYYYY cooler than the SNES. Yeah, I said it.

At any rate, that’s a little sobering, no? I mean they haven’t been gone THAT long have they? Sure, 15 years is a long time but the extent of players memories of that team is now video game folklore and fun throwback jersey ideas? I’m suddenly depressed.

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