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Today I discovered and immediately followed @HockeyPets on Twitter, because as those who follow my feed know, I’m an unabashed lover of animals. Most people assume it’s just cats, given that I tweet about them constantly, but no-no, friends: animals. Those are my boys above, helping me work.

@HockeyPets is the short for for their excellent Tumblr, Hockey Players with Pets (and other animals). And hey, don’t know if this made it across your desk yet, but the NHL has locked out the players, so you’re going to  need some distraction now and again.

I perused the site for as long as it’s acceptable to at work and came up with the 10 most notable pics for us to discuss, but if you want more (and you will), seriously, check out the site. You know what they say, “Animals are way awesomer than humans.” ”They” talk funny.

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement, which expired last Saturday, the fifteenth of September in the year of Our Lord Two-Thousand-and-Twelve. Although we knew that it was gravely ill for several months, many of us had held out hope that it might, somehow, be extended. Now we realize the futility of these hopes, and it is time to say our final farewells to the CBA that was.

It was a good CBA, full of joy and laughter. Whenever things seemed bleakest, it was always ready to cheer us up with a hilarious UFA contract or a comically one-sided trade. It was generous, too, giving ever-increasing profits to owners, cheap ELCs and bizarrely-averaged cap hits to GMs, enormous contracts to players, and unprecedented parity to fans. Truly, this was a CBA that thought always of others, sharing its largess widely and taking little for itself. The desperate rush of teams and players to sign contracts in the final hours of its life is a moving tribute to its kindness and popularity.

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Pictured: Darren Pang, I think.

(From Talk to the Glove, stick-tap to @NHLHistoryGirl.)

As a general rule, I don’t care for kids. I know, that’s terrible, but I’m just being honest. I’m going to love mine endlessly I’m sure (fingers crossed), but in general, I don’t fawn over other people’s tiny humans.

But 26-year old Jonathan Quick and his daughter Madison during yesterday’s Cup celebration were Drew-Brees-and-his-son level adorable, especially when she was unintentionally terrorizing the post-game presser. Pretty cool stuff.

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