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matt moulson

Thomas Drance, Scott Lewis and I got together at the end of deadline day to chat about the days biggest deals. Vanek, Moulson, Gaborik, and so on. Here’s what we came up with!

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I was joined by Thomas Drance and Scott Lewis to discuss the days biggest trade to date – Martin St. Louis to the Rangers for Ryan Callahan, a first (2015) and a second (2014). The second can become a first if the Rangers make the Conference Final.

It’s 6:36 minutes long, hope you enjoy. Download here,

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We’re back! This week I was pleased to be joined by Patrick Burke, co-founder and former executive director of You Can Play, former scout for the Philadelphia Flyers and current Director of Player Safety for the NHL.

Patrick’s a smart dude that I’ve got a lot of respect for, so I hope you’ll enjoy our chat.

We discussed:

* The NHL’s process

- How they select the dicey hits

- The layers of decision-making

- The hearings

* What role prior history and injury play

* Video production, video for non-calls

* And (seriously), much more

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(Pic from the BBC)

(Pic from the BBC)

Hi there! Oh, has it been awhile since we’ve done a podcast? That’s hardly been mentioned, strange.

Anywho, we’re back on the once-or-twice a week train for the remainder of the season, starting today, when we were joined by Sean Gentille, national NHL writer for The Sporting News (I recommend you click his name and follow him on Twitter). His official title there should really be That Dude, as he kinda takes care of all things puck.

We had a good chat today, covering:

* The US team actually being good enough to have notable snubs

* How “big ice” seems to have dominated selection discussion

* Rick Nash, Jimmy Howard and Marty St. Louis

* Sweden’s kinda scary

* Russia made some weird picks

* And much more!

I even answered a few tweets at the end, so, fun all around.

You can listen to it here:

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dallas stars

It’s podcast time! Today we were pleased to be joined by Dallas Stars color analyst Daryl Reaugh, a man who’s easily one of the best in the business. And, as an added bonus, Dave Lozo joined us for a quick chat on Henrik Lundqvist at the end! He’s easily one of the guys in the business. If you don’t follow these two on Twitter, you’re kinda failing at using the service.

I should note: we had some connection issues here and there, so y’know, exhale and enjoy the vast, vast majority of it that sounds just peachy.Daryl Reaugh

Mr. Reaugh and I discussed:

* What an “Antoine Roussel” is

* The “all-new” Dallas Stars; new jerseys, players and a head coach

* Tyler Seguin’s progress

* Jamie Benn and Team Canada

* Nichushkin, Eakin, Goligoski and more

* Kari Lehtonen’s value

* Basically, it’s a “better get to know your Dallas Stars” tutorial, which is necessary because they’re damn interesting this year.

You can listen to it here:

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Wendel Clark

Happy Humpday everyone.

Today I spent some time with Sean McIndoe (Down Goes Brown) of and Wendel Clark, though sadly the conversations were separate.

The first chat is with Mr. McIndoe, in which we discussed:

* Wendel Clark, of course

* The NHL’s concussion lawsuit

* The Isles “Stadium Series” jerseys,

* And the rising salary cap

Mr. Clark and I discussed:

* His legacy in Toronto

* The current Toronto Maple Leafs

* His role with Kraft Hockeyville, which he was on to promote
- Kraft HockeyVille Twitter, Facebook

* His “waster” shot at Curtis Joseph in 1993

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I can write all I like about what I think of the NHL’s new TV deal with Rogers, but there’s no chance I know half as much as a media reporter. And, I was lucky to get a little time with one of the best, The Globe & Mail’s Steve Ladurantaye, who could fill us in on everything we needed to know. There’s a lotta info crammed into a little time.

We discussed:

* How does this change the viewing experience of your average hockey fan

* What does this mean for blackouts

* How about GameCenter Live and Center Ice?

* Do you expect Rogers to change their production/hire talent

* What’s this mean for CBC? What does it mean for their advertising, money situation?

* And much more

You can listen to it here:

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Also, here’s some info: TSN is hanging on to the original Hockey Night in Canada theme song. Move along, poachers.